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  • rons_hobbies
    Al, thanks for the reminder we all have opinions and most, at best, are based on general observations and at worst prejudicial beliefs. If you are willing to
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      Al, thanks for the reminder we all have opinions and most, at best, are based on general observations and at worst prejudicial beliefs.
      If you are willing to consider some study on how we are often blind to our own prejudices when conducting analysis, I suggest:

      Psychology of Intelligence Analysis by Richards J. Heuer, Jr.


      When I was in the military I learned to fear those who were so blind to their own prejudices they were either unable or afraid to take the effort to gather and assess facts and then covered this weakness through their quick wit and cutting tongue. I found I could often recognize these people because they usually used the most dismissive terms they could devise, such as "trouble prone and expensive toys" rather than language indicating any respect for others with a different opinion. I consider myself fortunate my life is no longer in such people's hands. One close call with death in an overloaded helicopter with a pilot who disparaged the messenger, me, the low flight time, didn't learn in Viet Nam, wet behind the ears LT and the facts; the on-board fuel at landing would create an out of flight envelope situation, was enough to teach me that a quick wit and cutting tongue were not proof of intelligence. Nor was an over reliance on experience rather then use of the tools at hand such as a simple manual flight computer. I was just glad I walked away from the landing. And sadly, when challenged, in my experience most who harbor such prejudice react with more wit, cutting remarks, and self-justification.

      I did a quick search and if what I have found is factual, then since 1998 Rohloff has managed to fool both investors of an initial 1M DM and over 100,000 new consumers "assuming" few would be fool enough to purchase a second unit. I have no idea what the world market was in bicycles 1998 – 2011, but 100,000 units is probably a pretty small percentage. So that begs an analysis of how many foolish status seeking IGH users there are, but I suspect the validity of your sampling. Of course it has been observed there is a fool born every minute so perhaps you are the only one with an "opinion" worth considering. Personally, and just my opinion based on a limited sample of your posts on this forum, I find your method of delivery drowns out the message. But rather than simply hit [Delete] when I see one of your posts, I am trying to keep my mind open.

      Just my opinion.


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      Indeed perhaps the way in which I characterized the users of these trouble prone and expensive toys of saying in effect "my thing is bigger than yours" may cause those to reconsider their purchases.
      > Al
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