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  • Andrew Curl
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      Hello Rich! Yes, you guessed correctly, I am indeed in the UK, living in Luton, which is about sixty miles north of London.
      I have been ringing around the specialists, and I am awaiting responses now. I did have a very good one (Phoenix Hub Repairs) locally, but unfortunately they have gone now, so I'm looking farther afield, and will certainly look at Bikesmith Design- thankyou for the tip!
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      From: Rich W
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      Welcome to the group. Glad you found us Andrew. Where are you located? From the language use and equipment mentioned my guess is somewhere in the British Isles. If so there are some SA classic hub specialists there. I have run across their web sites in web searches.

      We do have a number of members who specialize in older SA hubs so hopefully one will have the part you need. Do a search for Bikesmith Design as Mark Stonich is an older SA hub specialist here in the USA who may well have what you need.

      Rich Wood

      --- In Geared_hub_bikes@yahoogroups.com, "Andrew Curl" <methuselah@...> wrote:
      > Afternoon Chaps! I am just returning to cycling, after many years, but as hybrid drives were my thing when I was younger (like the late '80's) this seemed the logical group to join.
      > My two machines had a series of different components, but I eventually settled on a 5 spd. SA hub with triple chainrings (Deore XT) and a triple rear cluster made from a homebuilt adaptor using Suntour sprockets. I couldn't tell you the model of Suntour mech. that I used, but it could handle a 38T sprocket, and that's the largest one on the cluster. My "fast" bike used a 4 spd. SA "FC" hub with a Cyclo derailleur, and as Shimano made sprockets that could be modified to suit, I doubled up on these.
      > Due to poverty, I'm trying to resurrect the FC hub, which ultimately exploded... So if anyone has a LH Ball Cup, (SA #K817) I would really like to hear from them! I have the facilities to make one, but that would take an age.
      > -Andrew Curl

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