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Dutch shop that sells hub gear small components online

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  • dannyrobinson1962
    Hi Everyone, I m new to this group, and in the near future I will be taking a T3 apart because it s beginning to play up (often I can t get it to go into 1st,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 29, 2012
      Hi Everyone,

      I'm new to this group, and in the near future I will be taking a T3 apart because it's beginning to play up (often I can't get it to go into 1st, and there's a lag when changing between 2nd and 3rd or back). I'm expecting to find a dislodged or broken spring somewhere in there which I'll replace. I'll post again on that subject when I'm about to start the work, as I've never tried anything like that before. I gather it's not too hard but the first time I won't really know what to expect.

      Seems like it's easy to get fully built hubs from UK suppliers but it's not so easy to get the small components I'd be looking to put back into the newly assembled and cleaned unit. But you can get them hereĀ… some links to a Dutch site, which I've used for other things before. They sometimes have English language pages, and if they don't have them -- browse using Chrome and get it to translate automatically for you.

      Home / Bike Hybrid Bike Parts / Bike Gear / gear parts

      Complete Hubs and Innards

      For T3 spares:

      General parts for city-bikes (often difficult to obtain directly from UK or US sources)

      The postage is pricey so it's worth saving up till there's a decent amount to order. If any of you live near Maidstone, Kent, I'd be happy to share orders, split postage and we make the exchange in person.
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