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Re: Sturmey Archer CS-RF3

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  • Rich W
    PJ; It is shown and mentioned in the Shimano Tech Tips page titled Differences Between Hubs.pdf on page two. Here is the link. It actually states that the
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 8, 2011

      It is shown and mentioned in the Shimano Tech Tips page titled "Differences Between Hubs.pdf" on page two. Here is the link. It actually states that the shown difference is between the standard and premium Nexus hubs but I have also read that the roller bearings construction applies to the Alfine 8 too.

      This difference in construction has been discussed here in the past as I recall.




      Rich Wood

      --- In Geared_hub_bikes@yahoogroups.com, "pj" <prester_john_in_cathay@...> wrote:
      > I haven't seen an exploded diagram/parts list for the CS-RF3, but looking at the 3D computer models in the SA catalog, the internal design of the cassette hub is completely different from the design of the AW/SRF3.
      > Rich W wrote in part:
      > > Only the Shimano Alfine 8 and Rohloff hubs have
      > > the planet gears mounted on bearings that I know
      > > of.
      > Really? I haven't read this about the Shimano 8 anywhere else, and Shimano only includes disassembly in their exploded diagram down to the "carrier unit". Do you have some reference you could share to the fact the Alfine 8 hub has roller or ball bearing mounted planets?
      > This is as much as I was able to find on the Shimano 8 planet pinons:
      > <http://youtu.be/BgWxFtAGU3U>
      > > Historically SA only used bearings in this area for the
      > > first couple of years of their original 3 speed hub design.
      > > The switch to bushings was one of their first cost
      > > reduction changes to the original design.
      > I think they eliminated the rolling element bearings on the planets because they don't actually save a meaningful amount of friction/drag. Certainly the Kyle/Berto efficiency tests didn't find the T3 or AW hubs suffered from plain bearings on the planets.
      > Gordon wrote in part:
      > > It's hard to imagine that the CS-RF3 is a high-efficiency hub.
      > Why is that? Other 3-speeds, when broken in and properly lubricated, have been shown to be remarkably efficient. What is it about the CS-RF3 that leads you to believe it will be otherwise?
      > But BTW, thanks for the link to the thread. The claim allegedly from Sturmey that the "F30" hubs (CS-RF3, CS-RK3) are OK for tandems is interesting.
      > The only user feedback I've seen on the CS-RF3 was on the mtbr forums. The poster claimed his CS-RF3 had begun slipping gears when standing-pedalling up hill. He allowed he'd been shifting the three-speed hub function with an indexed shifter other than the one Sturmey specifies must be used, but got testy when his error was pointed out and claimed he'd only ride Shimano from now on. Takes all kinds, I suppose.
      > pj
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