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RE: [Geared_hub_bikes] Re: New Dynamo hubs from supernova

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  • Alex Wetmore
    The cheap Alfine hubs that have been available during the last 6 months were due to a major sale on them from Shimano (they were selling them direct to shops
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 24, 2011
      The cheap Alfine hubs that have been available during the last 6 months were due to a major sale on them from Shimano (they were selling them direct to shops including a headlight at a very low price). I don't think that pricing is really the one to compare with since once those are out of the market place you won't be able to find nice hubs at that pricing again.

      The SuperNova hub with the mechanism to disengage the dyno sounds like the same hub that Velo-Orange has started selling in the US. I'm not a fan of the idea (adding mechanical complexity when the resistance is already very low seems like a bad idea), but I have no experience with the hubs themselves.


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      I got an Alfine dynamo hub this winter , 36h with centre lock , £50 delivered from rosebikes.co.uk , this supernova unit is going to have to be very special to justify the price. I use my alfine to power the supernova E3 triple , excellent light , use if for fast XC, only problem i have with it is the handlebar mount isnt the most secure, it has slid round a couple of times on fast downhill stuff, and the standlight is very minimal , nothing like what the description on supernovas site, when i stop to carry my bike over ditches , the stand light is so poor i have to flick the front wheel round every few steps to see where i'm stepping

      But i love the fact i just jump on my bike at its there , i originally planned to only use the dynamo wheel when i wanted to use the light , but the extra drag is impossible to detect , so i have never removed the wheel for any daylight runs yet

      --- In Geared_hub_bikes@yahoogroups.com, Mike Wilson <mwilson@...> wrote:
      > I got this from Supernova today:
      > Hello Mike,
      > a limited quantity of these dynamos will be available from August.
      > The price will be EUR 167.23 for the switchable Infinity 8 and EUR 158.82
      > for the Infinity S (without tax). Both will work great with the Triple.
      > If you like, we can register your order and reserve one of the first
      > dynamos available for you. Please note that they will only be available
      > with 32 spokes and disc brake mounts in 2011, but the Infinity S has a
      > center lock disc adapter that looks slim enough for a road bike.
      > The dynamos will also be available from our distributors in the US.
      > Ordering from them (or pre-ordering now) will save you shipping costs.
      > Peter White cycles can supply you directly and any dealer supplied by
      > Quality Bicycle Products can also order these dynamos.
      > Detailed information on the new dynamos will be released the coming weeks.
      > Kind regards,
      > Gregor
      > COO / Sales
      > Industriestrasse 26


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