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RE: [Geared_hub_bikes] Re: S2C build, first ride.

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  • Paulos, Richard G
    Most coaster brake hubs have a neutral point. Between pedaling forward where the driver engages and pedaling backwards when the brake engages. (that s the
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      Most coaster brake hubs have a 'neutral' point. Between pedaling forward where the driver engages and pedaling backwards when the brake engages. (that's the coast spot) Once there, you can spin the wheel either way. Give the cog/driver a twist and you should be able to find that point.

      Depending on the hub, you could temporarily remove the brake shoes during spoking & truing, replace hub guts when done.

      Since rim brakes aren't typically used with coaster brakes, the wheel doesn't have to be perfect.


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      Building a wheel out of a coaster brake hub is really a headache, isn't it? In my 2 experiences, the inability to spin the wheel backwards much and the tendency of the wheel to move laterally (at least in my cheap-o truing stand) doubled my usual build time and markedly diminished the quality.

      Do you have a trick that improves the process?

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      > I've been sitting on this hub all winter. I built the wheels before Christmas, and I really had intended to have the build done long before this, but between issues with the painter, and just wussing out about working in a cold garage, it just got put off.
      > Anyway, I put it all together today and took it for it's first ride.
      > I geared it 33/22, running on 26x1.35 tires. Gear inches run about 37.5 in first,and 51.75 in second.
      > The hub works very well, shifting is very easy, although it will take a little while to develop the touch to shift without hitting the coaster brake.
      > On the subject of the brake, it works very effectively, but makes some very disturbing noises during braking. It's like a really heavy duty repetitive pinging sound for as long as the brake is applied.
      > I saw some discussion on the SA facebook page about this noise, so it looks like mine isn't the only one. The consensus seems to be that the noise will abate or go away completely with use, so we'll see.
      > http://oi56.tinypic.com/2r23mfr.jpg
      > http://oi53.tinypic.com/30i9653.jpg


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