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Re: [Geared_hub_bikes] Re: Shimano Alfine 11 - First Thoughts and Fraughts

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  • Thorsten Ostrander
    If Rohloff needs any more positive reviews, I love mine which get s used daily M-F times five years. One of the issues I m reminded of this time of year is
    Message 1 of 14 , Feb 11, 2011
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      If Rohloff needs any more positive reviews, I love mine which get's used daily M-F times five years.  One of the issues I'm reminded of this time of year is the slow shifting in cold (below freezing) temps.  There was a time when winter weight oil was offered but I only note all season oil on Rohloff's website now.

      My cables seem to work fine.  I did adjust them once and the number indicator on the twist shifter doesn't really line up anymore but it  isn't particularly bothersome and I can still select the entire range.

      I'm sure you will get your cable issues sorted out.

      Happy pedaling,

      On Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 10:14 AM, David Dannenberg <ddannenberg@...> wrote:

      I can say that I have run a Rohloff on a cargo bike for over a year now and love it.

      Getting cable length just right per the instructions took some concentrating as the inner and outer portions are not cut the same. It has performed flawlessly though. I got it not out of some search for mystical enlightenment, but because of its range, simplicity of operation (from the user's standpoint) and for the fact that it won't clog with filth and fail the way my derailleur system constantly did. I commute on a dirt road that for many months cruds up the drive train as if someone were spraying it down with a fine mist of grit. As a result the derailleur system was not only filthy, but constantly going out of adjustment and wearing; ice only compounded the problem. The fact that the Rohloff is sealed away from the elements makes all the difference. So yeah, it's cool, but that's not the point, at least not for me.

      Interesting comments about front loading; comfort all in the design. I have considered a front rack on the BD, but would only use it for light, possibly bulky loads-jackets, etc. Save the weight for the back as the bike is designed.

      Hope you get the shifting problems worked out on yours.

      David Dannenberg

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