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Re: Aaron's bike shop, SRAM support, and the end of the Imotion 9

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  • Rich
    I wonder if they will move IGH production to the far east or abandon it entirely. Per what I have read when SRAM bought Sachs they had to agree to keep IGH
    Message 1 of 2 , May 2, 2010
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      I wonder if they will move IGH production to the far east or abandon it entirely. Per what I have read when SRAM bought Sachs they had to agree to keep IGH production in Germany. Presumably there was a time limit set that has now expired.

      Seems like a dumb move to me as IGH popularity is increasing in the USA based on the number of bikes available with it. SRAM, and prior to that Sachs, fought for years to get manufacturers to start specifying and fitting their components to road and MTB bikes. To give up the IGH segment of the market to Shimano makes no sense to me. Sachs/SRAM IGH production dates back to 1904 I have read and I would hate to see them abandon it.

      Rich Wood

      --- In Geared_hub_bikes@yahoogroups.com, PDX Randonneur <pdxrandonneur@...> wrote:
      > So I have been exchanging emails with Aaron from Aaron's bike shop
      > about my busted brake sleeve (rideyourbike.com). He clearly knows his
      > hubs and has been very helpful, a breath of fresh air from the "Uh
      > what?" I usually get in a portland bike shop when asking about gear
      > hubs. Wish I lived in seattle. He has even offered to have me mail him
      > my broken part so he can compare it to the SRAM torpedo parts he has
      > to determine if they will work. By comparison, the shop I purchased
      > the wheel from (universalcycles.com) is not even replying to emails
      > asking them to contact SRAM about the warranty. He is building a SRAM
      > part order for a german bike shop, so if you need any rare parts for
      > your SRAMs, you might want to contact him and get in on it. Here is
      > his comment on SRAM support:
      > ---------------------------------
      > 'It is crazy that SRAM does not want to support their IGH business
      > here in the USA. In fact, they have told me flat out, "Shimano can
      > have it." They made a splash with their i-Motion 9 hub but now they
      > are basically closing their German factory where it is made. They are
      > laying off half the staff and turning the building into a Service and
      > Warranty center for all SRAM products. Which basically means Rock
      > Shox and their Road stuff. They really love their road bike stuff.
      > Now they have ANOTHER road group called Apex. "kills the triple" Get
      > real, I say! Anyway, rant over.'
      > ----------------------------------
      > So it has turned out that the busted coaster brake sleeve is
      > impossible to obtain, unless you live in germany. This is a wear part
      > that will eventually wear out, even if it doesn't break, and it is not
      > covered by the SRAM warranty as far as I can tell. It is reasonable
      > for warranties not to cover wear parts, provided that they can somehow
      > otherwise be obtained.
      > When I opened up the coaster brake it had almost no grease in it, and
      > this could well be the reason for the failure. If you have one I would
      > suggest packing it with grease, I stuffed mine with automotive brake
      > grease and it is now working fine, even with the broken sleeve. This
      > is against SRAM spec, and of course, if you don't use the impossible
      > to obtain special magical SRAM grease you are voiding your warranty.
      > The amount of grease on the bearings and hub sleeve was also quite
      > paltry, if you are riding in a salt water hazard zone, I would suggest
      > adding some more grease to the bearings too. Another issue I noticed
      > during the overhaul is that the shifter cable coming out of the hub
      > had come somewhat unscrewed. I screwed it in tight when I set up the
      > hub, and the only explanation I can come up with for this is that the
      > grip shifter twisting the the shift cable back and forth caused it. A
      > small issue if you catch it, but if the shift cable completely
      > unscrews and somehow falls out of the hub, you now own a single speed,
      > because you certainly are not getting a replacement.
      > As much as I like this hub, at this point I wish I had purchased a
      > Sturmey. I would no longer recommend the coaster brake version of the
      > Imotion 3 speed.
      > --
      > R.R.
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