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Re: Interesting deal on a GT Aerostream

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  • Mike Wilson
    Rick Paulos writes: One problem is you can t easily change the overall gear ratios on bikes like this. I bought my wife a drive shaft 3 speed bike but she
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 23, 2010
      Rick Paulos writes:

      One problem is you can't easily change the overall gear ratios on
      bikes like this. I bought my wife a drive shaft 3 speed bike but she
      complained the gear ratios weren't acceptable so we sold it.
      Actually Gatess sell different rear sprockets, front sprockets, but it
      would cost about as much as the bike.

      The Sussex Chainless shaft drive system was also available (in principle) in at least 2 ratios; it would be even harder to change even if you could actually get the other ratio.

      And Rando writes:

      I just don't get it. What the hell is wrong with the $10 single speed chain that needs replacement with a $60 carbon belt? No question that 8-10 speed chains have problems, but the carbon belt can't replace them. The single speed chain has nothing wrong with it. It is cheap, easy to set up, easy to replace, easy to buy, lasts forever, and almost never breaks. If you don't like oil on your pants buy some dry lube or a chainglider.
      The only chain I have ever broken in 40+ years of riding was a 1/8 chain inside a chaincase.
      Chain turds all over the house are my objection to chains. If I knew how they got there I would be less interested in belt drives.

      If I need to have a chain, why not have multiple sprockets and be done with it? In my 40+ years of riding I have broken many IGH hubs; for me they are not that much more reliable than the derailleur system and with the derailleur I can get the gears I want (if I ignore the mandates of Shimano or Campagnolo).

      and Joseph Shaul writes:
      Even a very small engine requires more torque to drive its' cylinder head than is required to move a bicycle, and will be running constantly at thousands of RPMs
      Actually no. The loading by the human is worse (for the belt width) than either the car cam drive or the motorcycle; that is what makes the problem so difficult. A fixed-gear full-on standing start or a fixed-gear 48-18 45 mph descent both put very high loads into the driveline. (Now maybe there is a reason I break IGHs.)

      Michael Wilson
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