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Re: Nexus 8 issues

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  • Rich Wood
    Bob; Aha! In that case I would double check that the casette joint and fixing ring are properly installed on the hub and that nothing has shifted or rotated
    Message 1 of 6 , Nov 19, 2008
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      Aha! In that case I would double check that the casette joint and
      fixing ring are properly installed on the hub and that nothing has
      shifted or rotated even slightly. You might even remove and
      reinstall both items and inspect carefully for damage or possible
      slop while they are off.

      If that is not the problem then no more ideas. I presume that you
      have to have the casette joint installed even if you have bypassed
      the cable housing stop designed into it by Shimano.

      Rich Wood

      --- In Geared_hub_bikes@yahoogroups.com, "Bob Power" <bobpower@...>
      > Rich, now I understand your concern. However, in my setup, I
      completely skip the "long arm" and run the cable without a housing
      from a slotted cable stop near the headtube, under the BB, and
      directly onto the hub. The cable is the means to an end (i.e.,
      positioning the innards of the hub) rather than the end itself.
      > Bob
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      > From: Rich Wood
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      > Sent: Wednesday, November 19, 2008 2:08 AM
      > Subject: [Geared_hub_bikes] Re: Nexus 8 issues
      > Bob;
      > Looking at the photos of the hub, with the casette joint
      > on it, there is a long arm on the joint. I believe it is the arm
      > that the shifting cable external housing ends at. If the wheel
      > placed with the joint down it looks like the arm could be bent
      > fairly easily. I personally would call the casette joint the hub
      > external shift mechanism.
      > Take a look at this photo of the casette joint off of the hub.
      > http://sheldonbrown.com/nexus8/pages/26.htm
      > It looks to me like stamped sheet metal and I would suspect that
      > arm could be inadvertently bent when the wheel is off of the
      > Also if you look here it shows how the casette joint and fixing
      > are supposed to be mounted to the hub.
      > http://sheldonbrown.com/nexus8/pages/06.htm
      > I would double check the installation of the two parts on the
      > If they are correct then I would consider replacing them to see
      > it corrects the cable adjustment problem. I cannot imagine that
      > hub internals were damaged by the incident you described, so
      > logically I suspect the external removable parts or that the
      > is not routed/seated correctly in the casette joint.
      > Per the Harris Cyclery web site the two parts in question only
      > about $18. Correcting the problem will allow easier cable
      > replacement and hub adjustment in the future. Also it should be
      > corrected before trying to sell the bike, if that ever happens,
      > save the next owner grief :-(
      > BTW I could be totally full of BS but if things worked properly
      > before and do not now then something is bent or misinstalled I
      > suspect. The casette joint, or how it is fitting on the hub,
      > to me to be the likely candidate if cable seating is correct.
      > The fact that you have to misalign the alignment marks also
      > to the casette joint, or how it is currently installed on the
      > to me.
      > I admit this is long range troubleshooting, and based on Shimano
      > photos and documentation of the hub, so could be wrong.
      > Rich Wood
      > --- In Geared_hub_bikes@yahoogroups.com, "Bob Power" <bobpower@>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > "Do you have to misalign the cable adjustment indicators on
      > hub to get good shifting...?"
      > >
      > > Correct. I have good shifting, and the indicators are
      > misaligned. To restate, it was possible to align the indicators,
      > but the hub misbehaved badly then.
      > >
      > > By the way, I have come to appreciate the Shimano design for
      > cable attachment, and it really doesn't complicate wheel removal
      > very much. I'll look at the SRAM and Rohloff designs sometime.
      > >
      > > Rich, what makes you think the wheel is susceptible to damage
      > sideways pressure, out of the frame?
      > >
      > > Bob
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