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9589RE: Newbie - ALFINE 8 Shifting problems

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  • palatine_ej
    Feb 5, 2014

      Of course someone will claim they talked to "someone" at Shimano and it's "no problem".  Over on bikeforum they claim Shimano says it's OK to shift  an Alfine under load.  Undocumented sources are the bane of the internet, nothing new here.

      My fellow MTBers are extreme users of Alfines.  We use primary ratios in the range of 1.1~1.3 without failures for years at a time.  And we never allow a clunk to go undiagnosed.  If the cassette joint isn't jamming and the cable/shifter isn't binding, then it's time to switch the hub over to oil (Alfine 8) or replace the lube (Alfine 8 with ATF or Alfine 11 with factory oil).

      If you're clunking, you're damaging the hub and if that's OK with the rider, then by all means, enjoy it.

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