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9588Re: [Geared_hub_bikes] Shimano F & G Type 3 Speed Pawl Springs

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  • John S. Allen
    Feb 4, 2014
      Thomas, thanks.

      Can anyone confirm this observation through disassembly of a second hub?

      These are crap hubs (I broke one after about 4 months on the first
      bike I had as an adult), and very old, but I'll make a correction if
      an error can be confirmed.

      At 08:53 PM 2/4/2014, canu.thomas@... wrote:
      >Hi folks,
      >I've come across what *appears* to be an error on one of the
      >Sutherland internal diagrams for the Shimano 3 F & G Type hubs.
      >Parts 24 & 37 are both Pawl Springs.
      >According to the chart,
      >(24) is 321-1300
      >(37) is 321-1200
      >Upon dissassembly and inspection of the planet cage and driver, it
      >appears that part (24) 321-1300 has a *slightly* longer straight arm
      >and *slightly* larger diameter spring than the (37-1200).
      >The diagram seems to differentiate the two but reverses this observation.
      >Whether or not anyone can confirms this mistake, or whether this
      >affects functionality... who knows. This is a long shot for such small nuance.

      John S. Allen
      7 University Park
      Waltham, MA 02453-1523 USA
      781 891-9307
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