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9586Re: [Geared_hub_bikes] 3/16 x 11 Caged bearing

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  • Zack B
    Feb 3 6:13 PM
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      An additional issue with using loose balls is that they may escape and get into the mechanism. This is a known issue with at least the 8 speed shimano hubs. The bearings on the nexus hubs usually last forever if properly lubricated and adjusted, because the axle is so stiff that it prevents axle flex, which is the leading cause (after water ingress and improper adjustment) of hub bearing failure.

      On Sun, Feb 2, 2014 at 12:23 PM, John S. Allen <jsallen@...> wrote:

      You want as little play as possible while the sprocket doesn't bind.
      The sprocket should not be carried forward forcefully when the wheel
      is turned forward, and should turn backward easily when the wheel is
      still. There will be some drag from the gears inside but this will
      not increase until the sprocket is binding. On classic Sturmey-Archer
      hubs, you can also check by trying to rock the top of the sprocket
      toward and away form the centerline of the bicycle. You should be
      able to move it slightly. This may also work with other hubs. These
      tests are more sensitive than play at the rim.

      At 05:56 AM 2/2/2014, grishnakuk@... wrote:
      >All done,new bearings are in.One side the cage was all worn away,so
      >now have one side caged and one side loose bearings.
      >How much play is acceptable,measured at the wheel rim? Its a 26" wheel.

      John S. Allen

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