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9583File - Please Be Active

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  • Geared_hub_bikes@yahoogroups.com
    Feb 1, 2014
      This group can only be a success through members being active contributors to
      the group. If and when you disagree with me feel free to say so, politely of

      All members are encouraged to take part in discussions, post photos and both use
      and contribute to the Links and Files areas. Two Databases are also available
      for member use.

      When posting please trim off the oldest posts in a thread to keep it from
      growing too long. This is a help to members who choose to receive posts as a
      daily summary.

      Thanks to all members for joining and taking an active part in the group.

      I note that a few members have joined and then quit w/o posting. If the group
      is not meeting your needs or expectations then please post with your questions
      and/or group expectations.

      Rich Wood
      Group Owner
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