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8395Re: Sturmey Archer 5 speed, how it works.

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  • Dan Burkhart
    Mar 28, 2013
      Is it the concept you're having trouble with or my attempt at explaining it?
      The concept is one I was first introduced to many years ago when I took service training on heavy truck transmissions. These units have twin or triple countershafts and the same timing requirements as stepped planetaries.
      The best I can explain it is the way I remember it explained all those years ago.
      When stepped multiple countershafts are in mesh with gears of varying size, there must be a common return point. If you took a countershaft and looked down the shaft at the timing marks, you would see a line where one tooth on each gear is aligned with a tooth on the next gear, all in line with the timing mark.These aligned teeth on each shaft must return to the mainshaft gear in unison or the mainshaft (sun) gears will try to climb out of equalibrium. This will result in failure, after how long depends on how much out of phase they are.
      Sorry if my phrasing is hard to follow. Maybe there is someone that can explain it better.
      Meanwhile, I did do a video on this a while back.

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      > I confess that I am having trouble following you here. Could you
      > explain this another way?
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