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8245Re: Sturmey classic AW explanatory video (Was: Sturmey S3X)

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  • pj
    Mar 2, 2013
      Dan wrote in part:
      > There are no gears that have fewer parts whirring
      > around as these hubs are all constant mesh. The only
      > gear not rotating at any given time while a hub is in
      > use is whatever sun gear is coupled to the axle .

      Another common misconception is the belief that the gears still spin when the rider coasts on an IGH. Actually, the gears are locked to the driver -> cog -> chain -> cranks. If the cranks aren't turning, the little gears aren't turning. When coasting, only the hub shell is rotating [and the little drive pawls on the output of the gears (the IGH's freewheel) are clicking in and out].

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