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624Re: Why Geared Hubs & Coaster Brakes?

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  • prester_john_in_cathay
    Feb 7, 2009
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      The Sachs Torpedo single speed coaster brake hub design continues production in the Czech
      Republic by Velosteel.


      I don't know about other markets, but in N.A. the coaster is experiencing something of a
      revival as a brake on bike-shop quality, adult machines with increased "city bike" offerings.
      Some pretty expensive bikes are being spec'd with coaster brakes, including a nearly $900
      Masi model that has ONLY the rear coaster.

      SRAM has revived the roller actuated coaster design in their new i9 and i3 hubs.

      Sturmey's new S50(W) hubs promise upgraded, more powerful coaster brakes.

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