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617Re: Why Geared Hubs & Coaster Brakes?

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  • sam lingo
    Feb 6, 2009
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      > Why the popularity of the coaster brake in Germany, weather? I would
      > have thought from the point of rider convenience the drum brake would
      > be preferable.
      > Rich Wood
      Coasters and drum brakes are really the same brake in that both use
      friction shoes on the inside of the hub.drums are cable opperated where
      as coasters have a screw and block devise that opperates the shoes.
      The torpedo coaster was the longest lived hub ever made.Made from 1905
      till sometimes in the 80s when the swiss stopped using it on their army
      My take on coasters is America got coasters right--very simple and
      highly reliable--where as europian coasters seem complated.You really
      can't beat a bendix coaster.
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