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5962Re: coaster brakes and XCE500 Redline Shimano Dynamo

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  • Mike Wilson
    Nov 30, 2011
      Frank White asks:
      How do you like the coaster on the nexus?

      Can you use the hell out of it without issues?

      I love coaster brakes but I always blow them up.


      I basically only use brakes when driving a car on a track. (One winter I drove my car 100 miles to a friend's house in Vermont; when I got there he asked if I ever used the brakes because the brake rotors still had the rust coating.)

      Otherwise I back off early except in emergencies, and emergencies are seldom enough that I do not have many brake problems. I am a stupid descender and use very little brake then too. 10 years of fixed riding did not hurt.

      Anyway the coaster is not the primary brake; the front rim brake is primary. The coaster is backup for ice-over or other issues.

      The worse issue is starting up. If you have not lined up the pedals right, starting on a hill requires more time and traffic space than a freewheel bike.

      The second worse issue is that it is much harder to descend under control with one foot acting to form a tripod - something that is useful in some snow and ice conditions.

      A side note about the headlight - I am using the Supernova E3 triple and it is awesome with the cheap Niagara Cycles etc. Shimano hub generator. It generates enough light to see when I walk up my driveway. I have not yet used a generator taillight with it; that will be next year when I get back on the bike.

      Michael Wilson