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1384Re: Alfine hub breaking-in period?

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  • Rich Wood
    Aug 9 8:09 AM
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      There is a break in period but a geared hub will never be as low resistance to wheel spinning as a derailleur rear wheel due to the amount and size of the internal parts and the relatively large diameter wheel bearings compared to those found on a derailleur freehub. The grease may contribute to the effect too. It better not move out of the way entirely as then there would be no lubrication on moving parts. That is why IGH greases are relatively fluid compared to most so they can flow back into areas needing lubrication if displaced.

      Remember that in a freehub wheel, rotating in the freewheeling direction, the only drag items are the wheel bearings and freewheel pawls. I am not sure this is true for an IGH.

      Rich Wood

      --- In Geared_hub_bikes@yahoogroups.com, "dcoffey01" <dcoffey01@...> wrote:
      > Do brand-new Alfine hubs have a breaking-in period where they are a little stiff to rotate?
      > My new SG-S501 has resistance to rotating now it is on the bike. The resistance is smooth and completely even throughout the turn of the wheel - there are no loose spots and tight spots that would indicate a bent axle. If I lift the rear of the bike and give the pedal a little kick, the wheel rotates for a turn or so then comes to a distinct stop. It does this even with the brakes and chain off, so the resistance is in the hub itself.
      > Shifting is perfect, quiet and smooth, cycling on it is great and the resistance is slight so that there is no appreciable effect when ridden. The cabling is good and the alignment marks are perfectly set up.
      > I was wondering if it was merely moving excess grease out of the way inside the hub?
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