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    NEW YORK POST, April 26, 2000 1211 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY, 10036 (Fax 212-930-8546 ) (E-MAIL: letters@nypost.com ) ( http://www.nypost.com ) PAGE
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      NEW YORK POST, April 26, 2000
      1211 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY, 10036
      (Fax 212-930-8546 ) (E-MAIL: letters@... )
      ( http://www.nypost.com )
      PAGE SIX
      By RICHARD JOHNSON with Paula Froelich and Chris Wilson
      THE Rev. Jerry Falwell's HIV-infected cousin is waging a doomed bid to
      reconcile with the conservative televangelist.
      Brett Beasley made headlines a year ago when Falwell "outed" the purple,
      purse-carrying Teletubby, Tinky Winky. Beasley told PAGE SIX he was
      homosexual cousin. Falwell said, "Mr. Beasley has my prayers, and, if he
      wants assistance of any kind, he need only to ask."
      But a few months later, after Beasley learned he was HIV positive, he
      couldn't get through to the preacher. "I'm extremely disappointed about the
      way Jerry has reacted," Beasley tells us. "I think he's been shameful.
      "My hope was to talk to him about my health situation and ask for his
      understanding, compassion and forgiveness.
      "Here was his chance to show compassion and to amend the un-Christian
      positions he has taken. He has all but said, This is God's curse. You reap
      what you sow.' And that is complete nonsense.
      "I wanted to show him I wasn't just another faceless person out there
      with HIV. We have a blood connection."
      Beasley says he has contacted Falwell's office "at least five times" in
      the last several months to arrange a sit-down with the former Moral Majority
      leader, who at first welcomed a meeting.
      "I kept setting these meetings up, to see him after he did his Sunday
      service [at Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Va.]. But his assistant
      kept calling and canceling the day or two before. This happened three times
      ... When I called his assistant last time, she practically hung up on me."
      Earlier this month, Mel White, a former Falwell speechwriter who is
      openly gay, emailed Falwell flack Mark DeMoss on Beasley's behalf to try to
      arrange a meeting.
      DeMoss wrote back that Falwell "offered to meet with Brett any Sunday
      that Brett would come to Thomas Road Church, after which Jerry would take
      to lunch. As of yet, Brett has not taken him up on this offer."
      "That's a bald-faced lie," Beaseley fumes. "I can't believe Jerry has
      audacity to say that. The last time I called his office, I said I would come
      down to Lynchburg any Sunday, that I would take a day off from work. And
      there was no response."
      "I still want to meet with Jerry, but ... I think he's playing games. My
      trust in him is pretty low."
      Beasley, a computer salesman who lives in Raleigh, N.C., airs more of
      grievances against Falwell in a cover story in next month's POZ magazine
      written by Village Voice scribe Michael Musto.
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