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Fwd: Saturday Night at the Movies - Saturday 22nd June

It's now been confirmed: not only is this concert going to be the usual Gay Abandon fabulousness, not only will Sang&Klang:los! be singing about drinking your
    Henry Tickner
    Jun 10, 2013
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    Saturday Night at the Movies - Saturday 22nd June

    Message from Camilla, so sit up and pay attention! :-) And feel free to share with your friends, family, and anyone you like the look of. SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE
      Henry Tickner
      May 14, 2013
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      Alternative Therapy Cabaret

      We've just had some returns for our cabaret night, this Saturday at Seventeen in Alwoodley. Star turns include Rosie Wilby
      Henry Tickner
      Mar 15, 2012

      Pride not Prejudice

      Wondering why you've not heard anything from "Gay Abandon announce" lately? It's mostly because what with one thing and another we've not had a big sit-down
      Jun 7, 2011

      The White Rosettes and Gay Abandon at Leeds Town Hall!

      Hello everybody, and welcome to another very occasional (because you get quite enough spam) update on what Gay Abandon's doing. We've had a great summer, what
      Henry Tickner
      Oct 13, 2008

      Skills auction and singing

      Hello everybody, and welcome to another very-occcasional-because-you-get-enough-spam update on what we're doing. * This Friday, the 26th, we're having a skills
      Henry Tickner
      Oct 23, 2007

      Class Act

      Gay Abandon? Over-organised and bureaucratic? Left hand always knows what the right hand is doing? Us? As some if not most of you already know, our summer
      Henry Tickner
      Jun 19, 2007

      We're on the radio! Woo!

      Imagine our excitement, turning up to rehearsal last night to be told that we were being recorded for Radio Leeds tomorrow. Bob Walmsley ("sounds like Friday
      Henry Tickner
      Nov 30, 2005

      Spring 2005

      Hi folks Time for another very-occasional bulletin from Gay Abandon. The big news is that we're off to Paris in May for the Various Voices festival
      Henry Tickner
      Feb 6, 2005

      2003/04 Season

      Tomorrow night is the first rehearsal of what promises to be an exciting year for Gay Abandon. (If you've been wondering about singing with us, that would be a
      Henry Tickner
      Sep 15, 2003

      Four Play

      I know, I know, it's a terrible pun. But with three guest choirs there'll be FOUR PLAYing at our concert on June 7th. Or should that be FOUR-SING? Anyway, more
      Henry Tickner
      May 25, 2003

      June concert

      Hi folks If it seems like ages since you heard anything from this group, then that's because it /is/ ages since it was last used. As you probably know, our MD
      Henry Tickner
      Mar 2, 2003

      Twin Sets

      The lgb choir from one of Leeds' twin cities, Dortmund, is coming to sing with us. They're called "Sang und Klang: los!", which is almost as witty a pun as our
      Henry Tickner
      Oct 9, 2001

      Summer plans

      Hi folks No, this newsgroup hasn't disappeared. It's just that we haven't been singing locally recently - our last appearances were in Manchester at the end of
      Henry Tickner
      Jul 12, 2001

      Spring 2001

      Hi Folks Welcome to the first of an irregular series of mailings about what Gay Abandon's up to. Well actually it's the third; but I've only just discovered
      Henry Tickner
      Jan 6, 2001
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