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2013 Seventh Annual Model Railways On-Line Wishlist Poll

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  • Graham Plowman
    It is polling time of year again! The 2013 Seventh Annual Model Railways On-Line Wishlist Poll is now live and open for voting - place your votes to let the
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      It is polling time of year again!

      The 2013 Seventh Annual Model Railways On-Line Wishlist Poll is now live
      and open for voting - place your votes to let the manufacturers know
      what models you would like to see manufactured.
      The poll will close at midnight GMT on 28 February 2013.

      To access the poll: http://www.wishlistpoll.co.uk

      In case of any confusion may we clarify that our poll is completely
      independent of the MREMag/RMWeb Wishlist Poll.

      Last year a number of people indicated their intention not to vote in
      our poll but to wait for the RMWeb poll. However, the two polls have
      completely different objectives. Last year the organisers of the RMWeb
      poll were seeking to identify suitable model subjects that would justify
      the development by the manufacturers of new tooling. Alternatively the
      purpose of the MROL poll is two-fold: Firstly to give modellers the
      opportunity to tell the manufacturers what models they would like to see
      in the shops and secondly to help the manufacturers find business
      opportunities whether by producing new tooling, upgrading existing
      models or just providing more of existing models currently out of stock.

      If railway modellers wish to acquire a model, be it new or existing,
      which is currently not available in the shops then the MROL poll gives
      them the opportunity to vote for it.

      There is a place for both polls in the hobby and I would ask readers to
      support both.

      This year the MROL poll is using completely new software into which we
      have incorporated a number of changes:

      - The poll is now separated into multiple pages instead of one big one,
      making selection easier and faster due to smaller page loads
      - A new introduction/instructions page has been included
      - For those who wish to take time to make their selection a facility to
      save choices and to return later has been added
      - An additional question to enable voters to indicate their country of
      residence has been added. Manufacturers' sales figures are being
      distorted by online ordering through UK retailers from overseas. We
      seek to provide them with better information about the distribution of
      their markets worldwide
      - Voters may now indicate multiple interests. This question is no
      longer restricted to primary and secondary interests
      - The voting pages are now implemented like a 'shopping cart' with full
      database search capability, adding and deleting multiple items from the cart
      - Information is now attached to most items in the database including
      thumbnail images and links to information websites
      - One of the biggest problems with previous polls has been to establish
      the popularity of locomotive sub-classes within an overall group e.g.
      the GWR large praires. We have now implemented grouping of items so
      that it is now possible to vote for a group of locos or for individual
      sub-classes. The new software enables us to report both the overall
      popularity of a group and individual types
      - Wheel standards are now a single question rather than attached to
      every model
      - Voters can choose multiple liveries for rolling stock items.
      Previously, they could only choose one. Voters could also choose
      liveries for non-rolling stock items which wasn't appropriate and is now
      - Some items have specific livery lists attached whereas others have a
      generic list. Identifying specific liveries for items of rolling stock
      is a huge task and we welcome your feedback. It is very easy for us to
      make mistakes and omissions

      The system will retain e-mail addresses partly for preventing multiple
      voting and partly to enable voters to return to their selections later.
      E-mail addresses will not be retained after the poll has closed unless
      you tick the box which we have provided to indicate your permission for
      us to contact you in 2014.

      The results of our poll will be published on our MROL website and on
      Model Rail Forum as soon as possible after 1 March 2013.

      Please tell your friends about our poll and about our website, which can
      be found at http://www.mrol.com.au

      Please use the 'Contact Us' facility on every page of the poll for all
      support, questions item and livery requests. Before contacting us, we
      recommend that you use the 'Save' facility so that you can come back
      later, re-load your choices and continue with your voting selections.

      We are unable to respond to postings in RMWeb or MREMAG.

      Paul Plowman

      On behalf of the MROL team
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