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11173Re: [Gauge0] G0G AGM

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  • Thor Lawrence
    Sep 7, 2010
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      My understanding is that when the G0G site was set up with the "Forum"
      thingy, people were using the facility to discuss Guild politics. One of
      the board -- a supposedly democratically elected representative of the
      membership -- decided that there should be no discussion of Guild
      politics. Whereupon he received a metaphorical two-fingered salute and
      this e-group was established to allow unfettered rational discussion of
      Guild and related affairs.


      Thorgeir Lawrence
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      On 07/09/2010 16:43, jim.snowdon@... wrote:
      > Bruce,
      > There may be a Guild forum, but perhaps the more pertinent question is
      > as to why people should have felt the need to create a separate
      > independent e-group on which to discuss Guild matters. It would suggest
      > a lack of faith in the independence of the Guild forum.
      > Jim
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      > From: wilsonb@... <mailto:wilsonb%40csolve.net>
      > Date: 07/09/2010 14:29
      > To: <Gauge0@yahoogroups.com <mailto:Gauge0%40yahoogroups.com>>
      > Subj: RE: [Gauge0] G0G AGM
      > Thanks Ian. I find the comment about egroups somewhat interesting as
      > there is a section on the G0G Forum titled Guild Matters with this
      > description "This Forum is only for comments about the Guild and how
      > it is run." Seems to me that if a member has an issue with the G0G,
      > either negative or positive, he could voice that issue on the G0G's
      > own forum. For some of us that is the only way we can communicate
      > with other members and see what their thoughts are on the various
      > issues. If the forum is going to be for "attaboys" only then what is
      > the point of having it?
      > At 05:00 9/7/2010, you wrote:
      > >Hi Bruce,
      > >
      > >snipped a bunch......The President used his address to criticise
      > >people who comment on Board matters on e groups etc. My hearing is
      > >not what it was so I missed a lot of it but it seems to me that this
      > >was not really a suitable topic for a supposedly neutral President.
      > >Unless it was very carefully worded to distinguish between those who
      > >post offensive personal remarks and those who exchange constructive
      > >criticism. or comment on issues of real concern then it is in danger
      > >of a "baby and bath water situation and might prove to be offensive
      > >in it's turn to those of us who use e-groups. I understand it is to
      > >be published in the Gazette and I will get the chance to follow it
      > >clearly then. Although I hope that before that it is checked and
      > >edited to ensure that it is in fact what would be expected from a
      > >neutral President and no offence will be given to any group or individual.
      > >
      > >best wishes,
      > >
      > >Ian
      > Bruce Wilson
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