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11172RE: [Gauge0] G0G AGM

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  • jim.snowdon@tiscali.co.uk
    Sep 7, 2010
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      There may be a Guild forum, but perhaps the more pertinent question is as to why people should have felt the need to create a separate independent e-group on which to discuss Guild matters. It would suggest a lack of faith in the independence of the Guild forum.


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      From: wilsonb@...
      Date: 07/09/2010 14:29
      To: <Gauge0@yahoogroups.com>
      Subj: RE: [Gauge0] G0G AGM

      Thanks Ian. I find the comment about egroups somewhat interesting as
      there is a section on the G0G Forum titled Guild Matters with this
      description "This Forum is only for comments about the Guild and how
      it is run." Seems to me that if a member has an issue with the G0G,
      either negative or positive, he could voice that issue on the G0G's
      own forum. For some of us that is the only way we can communicate
      with other members and see what their thoughts are on the various
      issues. If the forum is going to be for "attaboys" only then what is
      the point of having it?

      At 05:00 9/7/2010, you wrote:

      >Hi Bruce,
      >snipped a bunch......The President used his address to criticise
      >people who comment on Board matters on e groups etc. My hearing is
      >not what it was so I missed a lot of it but it seems to me that this
      >was not really a suitable topic for a supposedly neutral President.
      >Unless it was very carefully worded to distinguish between those who
      >post offensive personal remarks and those who exchange constructive
      >criticism. or comment on issues of real concern then it is in danger
      >of a "baby and bath water situation and might prove to be offensive
      >in it's turn to those of us who use e-groups. I understand it is to
      >be published in the Gazette and I will get the chance to follow it
      >clearly then. Although I hope that before that it is checked and
      >edited to ensure that it is in fact what would be expected from a
      >neutral President and no offence will be given to any group or individual.
      >best wishes,

      Bruce Wilson
      Barrie, Ontario, Canada
      Life Member NMRA
      Member Scale 7 Group Gauge 0 Guild 7mmNGA
      Member Bird Studies Canada Ontario Field Ornithologists
      Ontario Bird Banding Association Brereton Field Naturalists' Club

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