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  • John y Christine Smith
    Sep 7, 2010
      Hello Laurence,

      Hey first, there's a name to conjure with, Blundell eh! Please, if you haven't
      yet, read about S & D Rly. in Red for Danger (L T C Rolt) a great read and you
      can study the sorry tale of the hapless Dando who failed to mind his signals and
      the people who spoke gibberish to the control at Blundell all leading to the
      calamitous rail disaster. Sorry too good to miss.

      I tend to agree. Having given up on Gauge 0 and sold (hopefully) all the stock
      for personal reasons. I have down-sized to gauge N and joined the N Gauge
      Society and the 2mm Scale Association. There I find the same sort of political
      arguments raging as we find on here from time-to-time.

      Although I whole heartedly support democracy, transparency etc. etc. I do
      believe the volunteers who work tirelessly on our behalf should occasionally,
      just occasionally receive our thanks praise and admiration for the jobs they do
      on our behalf.

      Best wishes.

      Jas Gauge 0 absconder and absolute reprobate who should not be forgiven.

      From: laurence5023 <LaurenceBlundell@...>
      To: Gauge0@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tue, 7 September, 2010 17:20:11
      Subject: [Gauge0] Re: G0G AGM

      I was at Guildex on the Sunday and heard the announcement that the AGM was due
      to start.I nearly dived for cover under the nearest layout fearing all manner of
      insurrection with blood on the floor and riot police having to be called!
      As per usual the threatened GOG revolution just hasn't happened!And I am not at
      all surprised at the Presidents comments about the disscent voiced on various
      When I finally came away from Guildex for another year I reflected upon another
      excellent show and the super efforts of those in the Guild management,who should
      be suitable praised instead of the drip feed of moaning and critiscm.
      Boys and their toys hey?

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      Please sign your posts.
      Bruce Wilson Moderator/Owner

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