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  • Ian Kirk
    Sep 7, 2010
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      Hi Bruce,

      I am not sure that "highlights" really come into it. The AGM got through the business at a cracking pace, only a handful of members spoke, I asked some of the questions I intended but not all, with so few members speaking I became almost (but not quite) self conscious about speaking too often. Besides the new system (in the UK) of having proxies posted in envelopes -instead of as an open postcard - meant that there were almost 300. This is a good thing as it means that more members are interested in how the Guild is run but in this case as there had been no widespread discussion or campaign on issues before hand most of these votes were at the discretion of the meeting chairman, the Guild President. He is theoretically neutral but had recently come down very hard on the side of the Board. I had done the arithmetic and as I said later "a good General knows when to fight and when not" so I kept my powder dry for another day. The best business had already been done outside and arrangements are in hand to bring formal resolutions to the next AGM.

      I questioned the custom and practice of not allowing traders to stand for election to Guild positions as a point of order. This was not answered. The best we got was that the Board would look at it. I was quite happy to let this go as they then invited the AGM to elect two traders to Board positions. This creates a precedent so whatever the Board may say next it can be proved that Traders may stand and any rejected Trader who went to law would undoubtedly win. Everyone listed was elected and the Guild honours were voted in.

      The retiring secretary told the meeting that he had got some arrangement in place to cover the Data Protection Act implications of transferring details between the Guild and Artytype. The other issues about our relation ship with Artytype, tendering etc. were not really covered. However a group of members has agreed that a resolution be drafted for next year along the lines of "all goods and services bought in by the Guild should be checked for price and value by being put out to tender not less than once every five years" The members can then decide.
      The President used his address to criticise people who comment on Board matters on e groups etc. My hearing is not what it was so I missed a lot of it but it seems to me that this was not really a suitable topic for a supposedly neutral President. Unless it was very carefully worded to distinguish between those who post offensive personal remarks and those who exchange constructive criticism. or comment on issues of real concern then it is in danger of a "baby and bath water situation and might prove to be offensive in it's turn to those of us who use e-groups. I understand it is to be published in the Gazette and I will get the chance to follow it clearly then. Although I hope that before that it is checked and edited to ensure that it is in fact what would be expected from a neutral President and no offence will be given to any group or individual.

      best wishes,


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      Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2010 18:18:12 -0400
      Subject: [Gauge0] G0G AGM

      For the benefit of those who could not attend can someone give us the
      highlights of the AGM at Telford?

      Bruce Wilson
      Barrie, Ontario
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