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Please fix the track log software on the gpsmap 76sc

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  • tomison1
    I am a user of the gpsmap 76c group on yahoo groups and we are all having lots of bad press cause many users have a problem with track log accuracy sinnce the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2005
      I am a user of the gpsmap 76c group on yahoo groups and we are all
      having lots of bad press cause many users have a problem with track
      log accuracy sinnce the last 2 firmware upgrades...

      Can you please visit the group and read some of the problems this
      grop is very informed an we all love your products excep somtimes
      the software is a bit flakey after a change. Also I have had
      problems locally with the accuracy of the barometric and altimeter
      functions as well as alot of errors in the accuracy and directions
      given using the North American version 6.0 of City Select using 6.5
      of Mapsource I guess your latest and greatest versions. I live in
      the covington LA are and I have a zip of 70433 I work for a company
      that sells your products and like my 76sc and concider myself a very
      experienced user of your products ,however, I feel I have found alot
      more bugs than I can list here with in 5 miles of my location and
      also Port Fourshon
      south of me that is a big marine area is not even listed as a city
      but you did get Leeville on the map a very small town and the whole
      area needs an major update as you got very poor representation in
      that very marine industrial area many ship captains complain to me
      about the way the City Select software misses major exits or the
      clover leaf is wrong on major roads ect can you please come out with
      updats to correct this area as the whole area needs a good update .
      For instance a major canal on US 1 has a rode on both sides of a 30
      mile long canal that has been there for 30 plus years guess what the
      navagateable canal is not in city select and only one road is on the
      map guess what there is a road that takes alot of your users to and
      from the ships and boats each day and you forgot an entire highway
      and the cannal is not shown.. Now if this was new construction I
      could get why it was not updated but your software is not showing
      whats been there for 30 plus years. Also alot of the clover leafs on
      US Highway 90 US Highway 12 and interstate 10 are in definate need
      of an update. Also I commonly get a message to stay left on causway
      boulvard when i should be in the most right lane to turn the way the
      software wants me to now there are millions of people each day using
      this same route I use and you need to get that type of thing fixed
      also Airlne Highway has millions of commuters and visitors as does
      the entire New Orleans area each day. As a customer I am diapointed
      in the software since I got city select has not been updated and as
      a tenchnical person representing your great hardware at time I need
      to bite my lip and tell them there are some errors but hopefully
      they will get it together soon.

      Come on Garmin we paid good money to you for this software and I
      could understand if it was free or 25 dollar software but I got much
      more than that invested in hardware and software and for the most
      part it usually works ok cause I know the area but I pitty someone
      that doesn't have the road home work done now if i go out of town
      using this as an example I cant coun't on my Garmin to get me there
      more that 48% of the time without stopping to ask someone .. now
      that is very imbarassing and I suggest you send some peopl out or
      get some tests or info done especially in this very marine involved
      and intertaiment area many people visit each year on conventions
      boat shows carrying your products and you would think the area
      withch has been around for over 50 plus years with original brick
      streets over 100 years old would be correct . Mapquest is sometimes
      alot better at updating the road directions and that is free.

      I have had my products for 5 months and no updates you should offer
      some updates monthly to keep up with at least some of the major
      changes if you want to keep selling the hardware you need great
      software and keeping it updated and your present customers happy is
      the best way to get more and have your company earn more. S lets get
      some work done dowwn here we are not very happy with the way Garmin
      does not keep up and the infomation is available why not put it out
      in a more timely mannor in monthly updates is that too much to ask?
      after spending $700 on a gps and software and not one road update in
      5 months when the information is published for free. I fell riped
      off some what and I am suposed to try to sell this to customers?

      Well I think I will just be honest with my customers.

      Thanks but you need to start updating city select in increments on a
      more timely mannor if not can you suggest better software that will
      correct the maps ? My customers got money thats not an issue they
      just want to get from point a to point b without having to stop or
      call for directions . why do you think they got the units so that
      would rarely happen but I see glithes daily as I travel the old
      roads some of which have been here over 75 to 150 years and that is
      still not right. I have sent in at least 5 changes and that was over
      4 months ago ang I imagine hundreds of other have also you would
      think that 3 months would be enough to do at least some major
      changes that I know some of my friends have sent in and myself.

      Come on garmin when are you going to start a montly update schedule
      on your top road program .... come on lets get working on the
      problems..... We been sending changes and requests we are all trying
      to help but you need to get the changes that are defiately
      confirmable in yes that may mean you need to send more peopl out or
      search the new road constructions . This information needs to be
      implemented on a more timely mannor cause you let 50 year old roads
      be wrong for possibly since your software was first developed and
      you got tons of customers sending you verifyable information. Come
      on this needs fixed Garmin you think I will spend a dime on your
      next update no I will sell it to someone at 50 percent what I paid
      and go to the competition.Remember to my customer thousands of
      dollars in software is nothing they want to get the boat or the car
      or the ship to the right place 99.9 percent of the time. yep they
      know to use the navagation skills charts and road maps but that just
      drives them nuts that they can get it correct and Garmin throws them
      3 to 4 mistakes a day . Come on is this GPS still a toy ? Come on I
      submit it is established technology that should be 99.9 % accurate I
      see your software as only about 94% accurate in my area and that is
      not good enough for me to invest my customers or my money especially
      if they complain to me as representing you I am ashamed so far.

      Your hardware is well designed and well thought out what happened to
      the software ?? It will be wist to get working on it faster than you
      Please send this to your CEO/ president please. Please no automated
      replys. Get with the software Garmin or some other company will be
      buying you up soon and your employees may be on the streets it is
      that serious .If you worked for me I would be handing out pink slips
      at least 3 years ago. How long ago you had 6 months find out about
      and update major new construction since it was built and maped and
      it was not even on your latest map set. entre towns missing with 150
      thousand people come on garmin mapquest a free service got that
      one .I am stoping my sending you info cause you have ignored me a
      mjor Garmin group for years and you just are not doing a good job.

      You are out of here. fired yep fired. You did not do a job in the
      software update department now you hit the aw you dont need that
      unit in the vehicle its only 94% accurate now be safe going home.
      take you personel effects and we will have a guard escourt you out
      oh your badge please thanks wish you well.

      A very concerned customer that has customers too.
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