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Re: 60C won't acquire satellites anymore

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  • Bill
    --Gary wrote: Try it with an external antenna. That would tell if it s an antenna/connection issue, or an electronic issue. -------- --------
    Message 1 of 7 , Nov 15, 2008
      --Gary <g.turner@...> wrote:>> Try it with an external antenna. That
      would tell if it's an antenna/connection issue, or an electronic
      issue. --------<>--------
      Re: Previous Post >> My Garmin GPS 60C won't acquire satellites
      anymore; although left ON for hours. All operations still work that
      didn't require satellites. Tested with Joe's 'External antenna'
      THR., Still wouldn't acquire satellites. Garmin Inc. Support said
      send it in for repair, $125. Searched eBay for possible
      replacements <> Watching two on Ebay. >>>

      Nothing to lose; Tonight i dissasembled it beyond removing the back
      cover. Managed to find method to get the complete electronic board
      out of the case. Still didn't discover any physical prblm; (saw keep-
      alive-Batt and how key-pad works.) Did smooth down the edges of an
      aprox. 1" malable square Foil covering something in the antenna
      conn. area. Reinserted guts and reassembled and expectated that it
      might not even COME ON. ...It didn't!
      Resigned that it was now comletely useless, I discovered batt.-
      clamp had disconnected from it's grip on the wire to 12-Volt
      battery. Hey; It comes ON. Set it in the kitchen window to leave
      it ON all night anyway.
      AH! ... a satellite bar appearing! Set it outside and find more
      satellite bars showing up.
      Left is set on yard-cart leaning against the batt. while I look
      for other pwr-cord to leave it connected to Astro receptical.
      Haven't found extra pwr-cord, yet, 24:04. Going out to look at
      satellite status anyway. Good! Seven satellite bars up and it's
      working. I can't account for any FIX. Got lucky - BillW
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