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Re: Tracks loaded from Micro SD Chip

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  • Roy
    Your question relates to the x model of the 60 series. This group is for the non-x models. No harm in posting here :-) , but you would probably get better
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      Your question relates to the "x" model of the 60 series.  This group is for the non-x models.  No harm in posting here :-) , but you would probably get better results by joining this group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Garmin_GPSMap_60Cx_60CSx , which is dedicated to the "x" models such as yours, and asking your questions there in the future. 

      --- In GarminGPSMAP60C_60CS@yahoogroups.com, "Adrian B" <adrian_borner@...> wrote:
      > I know the GPS can safe the track log on the SD chip but how can one
      > load them back from the SD chip and use it e.g. for backtracking?

      You can't do that without a computer.  Logs saved on the card can't be accessed directly on the unit for any purpose.  You have to copy the file with the track from the card to the computer, open it in MapSource or some other application that can read the .GPX file that comes from the card and then transfer the track data contained in the file to your receiver as an Active Log.

      Logging data to the card is just a way of making sure that your track data is preserved, even if it exceeds the 10,000-point capacity of the internal Active Track Log.

      > It would also be nice to be able to load Waypoints from the SD chip

      The 60/76C(S)x series don't have that capability.  There is a way to use Garmin's free POI Loader software to convert waypoints to Custom POI and save them to the card, but they behave somewhat differently from waypoints.  That's a whole topic in itself.  Information about Custom POI is contained in the FAQ's that are linked at the top of the home page of the group I referenced above. 

      If you're interested in using Custom POI, this might help you get started: http://forums.groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=199350&st=0&p=3567421&#entry3567421 .

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