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Re: 60CS - intermittently powering down & intermittently losing satellite lock

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  • Roy
    I haven t had a single problem after doing a Hard Reset on the unit. ... power ... a ... up ... then
    Message 1 of 12 , Aug 23, 2008
      I haven't had a single problem after doing a Hard Reset on the unit.

      --- In GarminGPSMAP60C_60CS@yahoogroups.com, "Roy" <roymtbkr@...>
      > I'm experiencing two rather strange problems with my Garmin 60CS.
      > The first problem started in July some time. The unit will
      > intermittenly power down even though it is being powered via the
      > 12VDC cable. It doesn't beep as if you were powering the unit down
      > with the power button. It justs quietly shuts off. No warning, no
      > nothing.
      > The second problem started yesterday. The unit will lose satellite
      > lock. I can be driving down the road or just sitting still and the
      > GPS will go to the satellite page and say "Acquiring Satellites".
      > None of the satellites in my area will be on the satellite page,
      > unlike how it will remember the most recent satellites when you
      > up the unit from it being turned off. It's almost like it is doing
      > cold start and searching for satellites from scratch. What speeds
      > the search is I will press Menu and choose New Location. I will
      > choose Use Map browse to my current location and then press Enter.
      > I reloaded v4.20 software but the problems are still there.
      > possible pertinent information:
      > purchased in December 2004
      > v4.20 software installed some time in 2007
      > 54.6 MB of maps
      > Thank you for the help.
      > Roy
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