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5957Re: [GarminGPSMAP60C_60CS] Saving time stamps in track logs -- How do I configure?

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  • prathman@comcast.net
    Feb 2, 2007
      From: "clmbikski" <clmbikski@...>
      > Forgive me if I am asking an obvious question...
      > Currently my saved tracks consist of only positional information
      > (Alt/Lat/Long). Is there a way to configure the unit so that it also
      > saves the time stamps along with the Alt/Lat/Long? Mapsource seems to
      > support tracks that include time info (ie there are summary fields for
      > elapsed time and avg speed) but my unit is presently not saving time
      > stamp info and therefore the tracks that transfer over only have
      > distance and area summary info.

      If you transfer the currently "Active" tracklog directly to MapSource (or other software programs) then it'll include the time/datestamp data. However, if you first 'save' the tracklog data on your 60c/cs and then transfer it the time/date data will be removed and it'll also be a simplified version of the track with fewer points.

      So to get the complete data you want to transfer the data to MapSource *without* doing any 'Save' operation on the GPS receiver. Of course this can be a problem on a long trip if you have no access to a PC along the way since you may run out of space in the 10,000 point Active Log. But in most circumstances you should be able to set up the track recording properties so you don't run out of points and can keep all the track data in the Active Log until you get to a PC.
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