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5955Re: [GarminGPSMAP60C_60CS] Saving time stamps in track logs -- How do I configure?

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  • GSV Three Minds in a Can
    Feb 2, 2007
      Bitstring <epvmjt+ntqo@...>, from the wonderful person clmbikski
      <clmbikski@...> said
      >Forgive me if I am asking an obvious question...
      >Currently my saved tracks consist of only positional information
      >(Alt/Lat/Long). Is there a way to configure the unit so that it also
      >saves the time stamps along with the Alt/Lat/Long? Mapsource seems to
      >support tracks that include time info (ie there are summary fields for
      >elapsed time and avg speed) but my unit is presently not saving time
      >stamp info and therefore the tracks that transfer over only have
      >distance and area summary info.
      >I'd like to have summary info (similar to what is available on the
      >trip computer page) for every saved track available both on the unit
      >and to those I xfer to Mapsource. Any hints on how to do this?
      >Thanks in advance!
      >ps. I have loaded the latest firmware.

      AFAIK the time information is dumped when the track goes from 'active
      track' to one of the saved ones. I know of no way round it. OTOH if you
      buy yourself a 60Cx/Csx you can save the tracks to the microSD card (as
      well as saving them in the active log), which'll give you up a 1GB of
      saved track data, however you can only get it back via a PC, the unit
      itself can't read what it wrote to the card.

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