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3209RE: [GapAntennas] Re: Hello and help mounting a 40m Mono-GAP

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  • joergerr@bellsouth.net
    Jul 24, 2014

      You read my mind.
      I was going to ask the group about the coax since GAP specifies that it is 1/2 wavelength.
      That is good info.at is is only for phasing.

      Another question concerns the positioning of the coax and the counterpoise wires.
      Can the coax be close to one of the counterpoise wires or do they need to be separated?

      For example: 
      1 counterpoise goes east
      1 counterpoise goes west
      1 counterpoise goes north

      Does the coax have to go south so that it does not interfere with the fields from the counterpoises?

      The whole idea of ground mounting the antenna is just flying in the face of 40+ years of 
      hearing "Higher is better".

      73, Rich
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