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Bay Area Game Studio looking for Designers, Producers, Engineers, Artists and QA

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  • mindcontrolsoftware
    Team name: Mind Control Software - San Rafael, California Brief description: For over a decade Mind Control Software has developed games and online game
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 12, 2005
      Team name: Mind Control Software - San Rafael, California

      Brief description: For over a decade Mind Control Software has developed games and online game technologies for the industries leading game publishers. During this time Mind Control Software won multiple prestigious awards for its unique and compelling designs, including Game of the Year awards from the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) and the Independent Games Festival (IGF). In addition to being a licensed Sony PSP game developer, Mind Control Software has created many commercially successful casual web downloadable games, PC and Console game titles, Mobile Games, and several online multiplayer game technologies for top game publishers. Most recently, Mind Control Software won the 2004 Seumas McNally Game of the Year award, and the Independent Game Festival's Innovation in Game Design award, for our PC strategy game Oasis. Our chief designers, Andrew Leker and Marc LeBlanc, have over 30 years of game design and development experience between them, and are frequently featured as speakers at developer workshops and conferences.

      Target aim: We are increasing staff across the board in preperation for development of a various titles for the PSP, PC, and Web.

      Compensation: Full-Time, Varies by position, Benifits/Insurance included

      Technology: Varies by position, more details in the talent section.

      Talent needed:


      • Manage projects through all phases of development, driving the development team through the process and ensuring that the product ships on time and on budget

      • Work closely with Creative Director and Design Lead to ensure product meets or exceeds agreed upon design goals and quality levels

      • Oversee the creation and maintenance of all project related documentation including detailed project schedule, milestone schedule, designs and specifications

      • Act as primary liaison to Publisher, ensuring clear communication and making sure Publisher requirements are satisfied

      • Communicate with senior management to report status and project progress, and make sure product maintains high visibility throughout the company

      • Facilitate and drive communication throughout the entire development team


      • Candidates for this position must have at least 3 years experience as a Producer in the games/electronic entertainment industry

      • Passion for playing games and knowledge of game industry news, products, current events and key industry players

      • Must have a solid understanding of all aspects of game production (design, graphics, programming, QA, audio, etc.)

      • Highly self-motivated and not afraid to make decisions and take risks

      • Must posses an acute attention to detail and exceptional organizational skills

      • College degree or equivalent.

      • Strong written and verbal communication skills.

      • Excellent analytical skills


      • Avid gamer

      • Expert knowledge of traditional scheduling tools such as MS Project

      • Familiarity with various development processes (e.g. Waterfall, Agile, XP, SCRUM, Feature Driven Development, etc.)

      Game Network Engineer

      • Networking on embedded devices, like consoles or handheld devices

      • Networked game logic and prediction

      • Experience with matchmaking

      • Experience with client-side UI for matchmaking


      • Sockets: TCP/UDP/RUDP and all manner of transport

      • Network game theory and its application

      • Networking on embedded devices like consoles

      • Expert in C/C++

      • Excellent C++ design skills

      • Be able to see the big picture

      • College degree or equivalent


      • Avid gamer

      • Game application programming experience

      • Java network programming (Java 1.4+)

      • Solid academic / theoretical grounding in 2D/3D computer graphics or equivalent

      Game Engineer

      • Coding on a wide variety of game systems including game logic, tools, UI, AI, multiplayer, and other game functionality as needed

      • Clear and regular communication of progress including successes, problems and revised expectations

      • Exchange of feedback and suggestions with others


      • 2 or more years of game industry experience in C++ and object oriented design.

      • B.S. in Computer Science or Engineering (or equivalent)

      • Mature, team-focused and flexible

      • Proactive programming style that anticipates and resolves project roadblocks

      • Able to manage own time efficiently while switching between multiple concurrent assignments.

      • Solid foundation in software development `best practices'

      • Embrace the Mind Control Studios collaborative approach to development

      • Absolute passion for making great games


      • Avid gamer

      • Knowledge of the STL

      • J2ME, Java 1.1, and Java 2 technologies

      • Experience in 3D programming

      • Win32 experience

      • OpenGL or DirectX experience

      • Experience with the Torque Engine and the Unreal Engine is a plus

      Lead Artist

      • Hands-on use of 3D modeling and animation tools to create game assets, including environments and characters

      • Creation of 2D assts and in-game UI

      • Examine and critique in-production art and conceptual materials and supervise the alterations or correction of such materials

      • Participate in developing art production schedules, timelines, and budgets


      • 3 or more years in the game industry (or relevant experience)

      • Experience supervising other artists' work

      • In-depth understanding of color theory, lighting, and composition.

      • Proven experience with 3D tools (preferably Maya), including experience in modeling, texturing, lighting

      • Proven expertise with related technical art issues

      • Strong understanding of both high-poly and low-poly modeling of 3D characters and environments

      • Experience using Flash

      • Experience using Illustrator

      • Interface design experience


      • Avid gamer

      • Strong understanding of various architectural styles and influences

      • Concept illustration skills

      • Unreal Engine experience a plus


      • Design game systems, interface elements, and level components for PSP turn-based strategy game

      • Work with others on story and related puzzle elements

      • Communicate design elements to the rest of the team

      • Maintain design documentation


      • 2 years experience in game design (video games or other style games)

      • Bachelor's Degree or equivalent work experience

      • Excellent written and oral communication skills

      • A passion for design


      • Avid gamer

      • Experience designing turn-based strategy games

      • PSP/PS2 Development experience

      • Knowledge of programming, art, and design pipelines

      3D Unit Modeler

      • Work with art director to meet our art needs

      • Work with art team to create dynamic, memorable art assets

      • Create and texture 3d Models for our upcoming games


      • 3-5 years modeling experience in games.

      • Experience with Alias Maya

      • Experience with 3D Studio Max Character Studio.

      • Experience with normal mapping techniques.

      • Must have knowledge of human anatomy (organic modelers only)

      • Must be able to model both Hi and Low Poly

      • Strong communication skills

      • Must have the ability to work under direction of Art Director


      • Avid gamer

      • Experience with lighting and texturing

      • Experience with Pixologic ZBrush

      • Knowledge of traditional media (sculpting or drawing).

      • Experience modeling for cloth

      • PSP/PS2 Experience a plus ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
      Lead QA Tester

      • Work with producers and technical leads to develop test plans for our games

      • Supervise other testers working on our projects

      • Provide qualitative feedback on game design and playability

      • Coordinate and lead QA testing

      • Manage the bug database (including bug reporting, regression testing, and fix verification)

      • Manage process of 3rd party certification testing

      • Work with our publishers' QA departments to coordinate publisher reported bugs

      • Ensure QA work is completed in accordance with project schedules.

      • Become fluent with quirks and specific testing requirements of the various mobile devices


      • Must have prior experience in a QA lead or senior position on at least one published game title

      • Must have excellent interpersonal, oral and written communication skills

      • Must have a genuine passion for games, and knowledge of a range of game genres

      • Strong hardware and software skills, specifically those needed to be effective as a QA lead


      • Avid gamer

      • Experience with turn-based strategy games

      • PSP/PS2 Development experience

      • Knowledge of programming, art, and design pipelines

      ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

      Website: Mind Control Software

      Contacts: You should send resumes and questions to ebaraf@...

      Additional Info: We are under NDAs on our larger projects, but if you want to see what we are about from an intellectual standpoint, you can see a few of our current abstract projects and games at mind-control.com under the 'Beta' section. Those games represent our IGF submissions this year. You may try them for free.

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