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Naughty Dog is Hiring!! Character Animator Wanted

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  • gamejob2007
    Naughty Dog Santa Monica, CA www.naughtydog.com Character Animator About our company… Naughty Dog is the developer of critically acclaimed and top-selling
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 14, 2008
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      Naughty Dog
      Santa Monica, CA
      Character Animator

      About our company…
      Naughty Dog is the developer of critically acclaimed and top-selling
      titles including the Crash Bandicoot franchise, Jak and Daxter
      franchise and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. We're a relatively small
      team with a highly decentralized and collaborative work environment –
      we value feedback about any aspect of our game development from any
      of our team members. We're a tightly knit group and you can
      frequently find us participating in yoga sessions in the office,
      spending lunch playing out on the court basketball, foosball in our
      lunchroom or around town in our frequent group evenings out. Since
      Naughty Dog is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Computer
      Entertainment America, we also get a lot of the perks that comes from
      being in the Sony family – movie screenings on the Sony Pictures lots
      and discounts on electronics, music, movies and PlayStation hardware
      and software. Of course, you just can't beat our location. Naughty
      Dog is based near the ocean – and beaches – in Santa Monica,
      California, where beautiful weather and fair temperatures grace us

      Position: Character Animator

      Naughty Dog is looking to expand our team with artists who are
      passionate about raising the bar for gameplay animation. We're
      looking for someone to help create our in-game cutscenes as well as
      someone to help create our supporting cast of interactive characters.

      • Create character motions through a blend of keyframe
      animation and motion capture with our proprietary animation tools
      • Work with designers and programmers to implement and iterate
      on these motions to create compelling, entertaining, and visually
      appealing gameplay and/or cinematic events.
      • Learn and utilize custom tools and basic scripting
      Persons applying for this position should ideally:
      • Have experience working on real-time, interactive characters
      • Have extensive experience animating realistic humans,
      including facial animation.
      • Have a good sense of proper weight and timing in your
      animation performances
      • Have a good understanding of acting principles and basic
      camera staging.
      • Be comfortable working with minimal direction
      • Be a creative, innovative problem solver
      • Be organized, productive, and a good communicator
      • Be flexible with making edits and revisions based on gameplay
      • Have the ability to grasp new technology quickly and get the
      most out of it

      Our pipeline is Maya-based with a suite of innovative proprietary
      tools, so prior experience with Maya is preferred. A good sense of
      game design is also a plus. Candidates could be asked to take an
      animation test if their experience level only meets our minimum

      Please submit resume & reel (online preferred) with samples of your
      professional work along with a breakdown of your specific
      contributions to:

      Candace Walker
      Recruiter @ Naughty Dog
      Email: candace_walker@...
      Web Site: www.naughtydog.com
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