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More Volunteers Needed for GCRP Campaign Headquarters

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  • Mark Reiff
    From Roxann Lewis, ... Mark Reiff
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2008
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      From Roxann Lewis,

      : Dear Fellow Republicans,

      : The volumn of people visiting our headquarters purchasing yard signs,
      : bumper stickers, etc has gotten huge. We could use help manning the
      : front desk at the headquarters. We will start phone bank work this
      : week and need volunteers for block walking this weekend as well.

      : As you can see the need is great and we have less than 30 days left
      : until the election. Please come by or call the headquarters to help
      : win a victory for the Republican Party in Galveston County. The
      : phone number at the party headquarters is 281-554-8888.

      : Roxann Lewis
      : Volunteer and Event Coordinator
      : Galveston County Republican Party

      Mark Reiff
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