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Re: [Galicia_Poland-Ukraine] Birch, Beech & Linden Trees

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  • Laurence Krupnak
    Hello Irene, http://www.umm.edu/altmed/ConsHerbs/Lindench.html _______ Lavrentiy
    Message 1 of 52 , Jan 2, 2006
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      Hello Irene,




      Irene Johnson wrote:
      > Laurence, Linden and Lime trees are two quite different trees to me. Can you
      > explain? Thanks.
      > Irene Johnson
    • krupniak
      ... Hey, ... ********* BTW, Vladimir did not accept Islam because it prohibits the consumption of alcohol. From:
      Message 52 of 52 , Jan 5, 2006
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        "seraph1818" wrote:

        > First of all, some say that simply by drinking a little extra wine
        > until one feels sleepy (not disgustingly drunk!) fulfills this.
        > if you're sleeping, you don't know anything!


        BTW, Vladimir did not accept Islam because it prohibits the
        consumption of alcohol.

        From: http://chi.gospelcom.net/DAILYF/2002/06/daily-06-05-2002.shtml

        Before his conversion, say the old legends, Vladimir examined the
        great faiths of his age. He immediately rejected Judaism, saying that
        if they had so offended God that he would not allow them to return to
        their land, they were unfit to teach him. Islamic teachings on sex
        appealed to his playboy nature, but their restrictions on wine and
        swine disgusted him. Vladimir did not care for the Germans who
        brought the Latin faith his way. But an Orthodox teacher, who pointed
        to fulfilled scripture charmed him. He sent diplomats to observe the
        various faiths. When the agents who returned from Constantinople
        claimed that they had been almost transported to heaven during an
        Orthodox service in Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom), the most splendid
        church of the age, Vladimir opted for Orthodoxy.



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