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Re: [GaliciaPoland-Ukraine] Re: Kotylak in Australia

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  • Danuta Janina Wójcik
    These are the correct FHL microfiche:
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 30 8:25 PM
      These are the correct FHL microfiche:


      village: Rodatycze
      gmina Rodatycze, county gródecki, voivodeship lwowskie

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      Subject: [GaliciaPoland-Ukraine] Re: Kotylak in Australia

      Hello Jo,

      Yes, I do operate this forum like (college) graduate school classes and seminars.

      Beginners and novices do find this group "intimidating". Many people here have extreme amounts of experience and knowledge.

      I do not want this group to get bogged down in teaching the basics of genealogical research and history. There are books that teach the basics.


      Regarding the Rodatycse Greek Catholic parish vital records, the LDS FHL catalog indicates that the films include Metrical books, 1786-1932. However, I now see that the birth registrations that you need are not on the LDS FHL microfilms:

      Volume 201-4A/496 Births, marriages, deaths 1835-1839 (filmed with Bratkowice and Haliczanów) FHL INTL Film
      1922919 Item 7
      Volume 201-4A/497 Births, marriages, deaths 1840 -- Births, marriages, deaths 1842-1843 -- Births, marriages, deaths 1846 -- Births, marriages, deaths 1848-1849 (filmed with Bratkowice and Haliczanów) FHL INTL Film
      1922919 Item 8
      Volume 201-4A/498 Births, marriages, deaths 1850-1857 (filmed with Bratkowice and Haliczanów) FHL INTL Film
      1922919 Item 9
      Volume 201-4A/499 Births, marriages, deaths 1858-1860 -- Births, marriages, deaths 1862-1865 (filmed with Bratkowice and Haliczanów) FHL INTL Film
      1922919 Item 10
      Volume 201-4A/893 Births, marriages, deaths 1860-1875 (includes other localities) FHL INTL Film
      2011700 Item 10
      Volume 201-4A/4854 Births 1786-1835 FHL INTL Film
      2347175 Item 3
      Volume 201-4A/4855 Deaths 1786-1859 FHL INTL Film
      2347175 Item 4
      Volume 201-4A/4856 Marriages 1787-1886 FHL INTL Film
      2347175 Item 5
      Volume 201-4A/4857 Births 1835-1863 FHL INTL Film
      2347175 Item 6
      Volume 201-4A/4858 Births 1863-1881 -- Birth extract 1868 (written 1932) FHL INTL Film
      2347175 Item 7

      Since the LDS FHL microfilmed the Rodatycze books in the archives in L'viv, I would say that the records that you need probably don't exist in the Ukrainian archives. I recommend that you contact the registry office for Rodatycze to see if they have the birth records that you need.



      --- In GaliciaPoland-Ukraine@yahoogroups.com, "Jo Kotylak" <joko@...> wrote:
      > Ok, so firstly let me apologise for the length of time between posts, I do
      > not keep the best of health, and have multiple health appointments between
      > here and Christmas, so I do when I can.
      > Now let me first say, this group is TOTALLY intimidating to a newcomer. You
      > re all so sure of your info, and know just where to go to get it, and it
      > seems you all do and want things done so quick. This is NOT a put down,
      > just an observation. And, I must tell you I've been doing Genealogy for
      > over 10 years, so I'm not a new comer to it at all, and if you asked me
      > about say a Mabel Smith born at Chinamans Creek in 1887 I'd know exactly
      > where that was and how to confirm it, in about 5 minutes. BUT let me say
      > even in my inexperienced dabblings I've found Ukrainian and Polish records
      > are NOTHING like Australian records, and no where as easy to research, sort
      > through and get copies of - THAT intimidates me, and not knowing the
      > language doesn't help a heck of a lot. Also I've heard rumors that you can
      > get ripped off when Reseaching such records, so I'm a bit dubious too.
      > Specifically about my family. My dad, Bazylis known as Bill here, died in
      > 1993 - and in all the time I had him, he NEVER NEVER wanted to talk about
      > his family - it HURT too much. The only clues I have are very very little.
      > He once said they lived on a farm, and he had to cut and carry wood through
      > the snow, that's about it. His parents names I have from my parents
      > marriage papers, and are confirmed by Mum (Australian born, UK heritage).
      > The only other things I have are possibilites. It's possible he had a
      > brother William, and a sister Natalia. Only possible. I know he had more
      > siblings, but don't know their names (his parents names Michael Kotylak and
      > Maria Kuna). I'm not even sure if Bazylis is Dads first name, it's just the
      > most common way it was written over the years. I only have 5 legal
      > documents about him - his German POW file, his request to come to Australia,
      > his Medical file, his application for Australian Citizen ship and his
      > Citizenship papers. That's it, that's all the trail dad left - nothing else
      > Not much to be gained from the papers, except he put his next of kin in
      > one as his sister Maria, living in what is now Lvov, which was called
      > something else starting with L back then. Oh, and confirmed that on one of
      > the papers he puts himself down as Greek Orthodox, who knew, when he came
      > here he went to the Ukrainian church.. Oh, and I think on the German POW
      > papers he might have put that he worked for the railroad. Now I have one
      > sister, and my mother still living. NEITHER of these are at all interested
      > in searching for Dad's family, and only interested when I find something,
      > like his papers. Oh, and those papers werent easy to find, it's taken me
      > years, and travel interstate to do it, and on a disabled pension, I do what
      > I can.
      > I DID check the LDS films for the Greek Catholic church first mentioned -
      > that is I checked the LDS index listing for them, and from what I could see
      > when I got into the entry - the records actually stopped and 1888 and then
      > picked up again in 1945, which is the period I think I should be looking at.
      > Because, if Dad was born in 1923, and was one of "several" children, then
      > his parents were probably married between 1915 say and on. Which means they
      > would have been born around or before the turn of the century.
      > Also when I talked to a Ukrainian fellow many years ago about doing research
      > into my family he told me not to bother with the Ukrainian community in
      > Melbourne, as they would consider me a "half breed" and not help - that was
      > a hell of a shock too!
      > So, I've kept your emails and will start going through them now, and yes, I
      > would like help, thank you very very much, but for all sorts of reasons my
      > research will be slow and sporadic, and I hope you don't mind. I DO VERY
      > MUCH appreciate all leads and information given, as this is a lonely search
      > on my part. I just want you to know, I DO take this seriously and I am
      > trying. Sincerely. Jo Kotylak.

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