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Re: Ukraine burning stray dogs alive ahead of Euro 2012

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  • Gina
    I couldn t help but cry when I read this story. It appalls me too, and I cannot believe that this kind of thing goes on anywhere in the world in 2011.
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 12, 2011
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      I couldn't help but cry when I read this story. It appalls me too, and I
      cannot believe that this kind of thing goes on anywhere in the world in

      I read the article at the link you sent, but couldn't find a link that leads
      to the site where you can sign the petition. If I perhaps overlooked it,
      could you please send it, as I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to
      sign and share it with others.

      Thank you,

      Re: Ukraine burning stray dogs alive ahead of Euro 2012
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      > Tue Oct 11, 2011 7:40 am (PDT)
      > That is beyond appalling how depraved and sickening.
      > --- On Mon, 10/10/11, Danuta Janina W�jcik <sandlily@...> wrote:
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      > Subject: [GaliciaPoland-Ukraine] Ukraine burning stray dogs alive ahead of
      > Euro 2012
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      > Date: Monday, October 10, 2011, 8:51 AM
      > Ukraine burning stray dogs alive ahead of Euro 2012?
      > PR dla Zagranicy
      > Peter Gentle 07.10.2011 12:11
      > Ukraine is clearing its streets of stray dogs and cremating them, sometimes
      > while still alive, ahead of the Euro 2012 football championships, claims a
      > Ukrainian newspaper.
      > The Ukrainska Pravda Zhitya newspaper reports on efforts at clearing the
      > streets of stray dogs by extermination in preparation to stage the
      > championship, being co-hosted by Ukraine and Poland, especially in the
      > cities of Kiev, Lviv, Kharkiv and Donetsk, all hosting next year���s
      > tournament matches.
      > ���The city of Lysychansk, in the [eastern] Luhansk region, has special
      > equipment for cremating dogs,�� said Vladimir Boreyko, head of the Kiev
      > Environmental and Cultural Center.
      > According to data cited by Ukrainian animal rights activists, a mobile
      > crematorium for exterminating animals, bought by the local government, has
      > been operating in the Luhansk region for the past two years.
      > According to unconfirmed reports the dogs and cats are burnt, sometimes
      > alive, in furnaces heated to 900 degrees Celsius. The dog-catchers manning
      > the furnaces are additionally equipped with a gun to shoot animals.
      > The practice is said to be common across the region, as the device is lent
      > out to neighbouring cities and districts.
      > Such extreme measures are in no way justified, as animal rights activists
      > stress that the problem of stray dogs is far from critical and can be easily
      > resolved by sterilization.
      > A special petition is now circulating on the Internet appealing to the
      > Ukrainian authorities to stop practices of cremating animals. Over 300,000
      > signatures have been collected online so far.
      > As the paper writes there are also long-running practices of poisoning
      > animals in Kiev with isoniazid, a cheap drug used for treating tuberculosis
      > in humans, freely sold in pharmacies, and commonly referred to as
      > ���vitamins�� .
      > The pills induce convulsions, vomiting in animals, leading to a painful
      > death.
      > Ukrainska Pravda Zhitya newspaper reports a case of dog poisoning in the
      > vicinity of the capital���s Botanical Garden where a hotel for the Euro 2012
      > championship was constructed following the ���resolution of the problem of
      > strays�� inhabiting the site.
      > ���About ten dogs died a horrible death in front of people,�� said a local
      > who witnessed the incident.
      > In Kharkiv and Kiev, plans have been made to open shelters for strays found
      > in the vicinity of Euro 2012 stadiums ahead of the championship.
      > As the Ukrainian Television News Service reports, the UEFA paid out 9,000
      > euro to Ukraine towards the sterilization of stray dogs several months ago,
      > yet the money have as yet been unaccounted for. (ab/pg)
      > http://www.thenews.pl/1/5/Artykul/56428,Ukraine-burning-stray-dogs-alive-ahead-of-Euro-2012


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