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  • Laurence
    Demjanjuk Files index_96j01.html [archived 1999-05-24] readme96h25.html demanuk027.html Demjanjuk Transcripts demjanjuktranscripts.html [partially archived
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      Demjanjuk Files
      index_96j01.html [archived 1999-05-24]
      Demjanjuk Transcripts
      demjanjuktranscripts.html [partially archived 1999-10-04]
      Katriuk Verdict
      katriukverdict.html [archived 1999-11-30]

      Dear Reader:

      The Demjanjuk Files consist of 68 ASCII text files in the main categories DEMJANJUK, DESCHENES, DESCROCK, CRTC, which I had posted on the (now defunct) UKRAINE newsgroup and soc.culture.ukrainian between 14 SEP 1993 and 30 SEP 1996.

      Since the OSI has launched proceedings on 19 MAY 1999 to try to denaturalize John Demjanjuk once again, I thought it important to make these files available (temporarily?) at this FortuneCity web site in the Demjanjuk subdirectory. In addition to this DemjanjukFiles.html, which you are reading, there are three other clickable html files listed above, via which the ASCII files are accessible. The Index file is the most comprehensive; the Readme file is more explanatory; and the DEMANUK027 file is a response to hate mongers attacking Mr. Demjanjuk.

      I do not know if I will be making additions in the future.

      Will Zuzak 1999-05-24


      is an analysis of the Katriuk denaturalization proceedings commencing on Aug. 15, 1996, and culminating in the "guilty" verdict of Judge Marc Nadon on Jan. 29, 1999. The original verdict and our analysis thereof are archived in the first two html files listed below. However the reader is encouraged to first read the summary in the third html file.

      In our opinion, the May 13, 1958, letter from Citizenship and Immigration informing Paul Masse that his clients are now registered under their true names, Vladimir and Maria Katriuk, is at the crux of this case. In essence, Judge Nadon overrules the decision of the Citizenship and Immigration authorities, first, in granting the name change, secondly, in giving Mr. and Mrs. Katriuk landed status in Quebec City on Aug. 14, 1951, and finally, in granting them citizenship on Nov. 10, 1958.

      We warn the reader that some of our terminology and analysis is not politically correct, and apologize in advance to anyone who is offended.

      Will Zuzak
      Nov. 30, 1999


      --- In GaliciaPoland-Ukraine@yahoogroups.com, "Laurence" <Lkrupnak@...> wrote:
      > Critque by Will Zuzak of Judge Marc Nadon Denaturalization Verdict re Vladimir Katriuk (Canada):
      > Aside from the abortive interlude between the OUN and the Germans in the early days of the war, the most important case of Ukrainian cooperation with Hitler"s regime on the organizational level was the formation of the ss volunteer Galicia Division. In spring 1943, after the stunning German defeat at Stalingrad, Nazi authorities belatedly decided to recruit non-German "easterners" into their forces. Consequently, Otto Wächter, the governor of Galicia, approached the Ukrainian General Committee (UCC) with a proposal to form a Ukrainian division in the German army. After much debate and despite opposition from the OUN-B, Kubijovych and his associates agreed. Their immediate reason for the creation of such a division was the hope that it might help to improve German treatment of the Ukrainians. The specter of 1917-20 was also extremely influential in persuading the UCC leadership, for Kubijovych and his associates (as well as Metropolitan Sheptytsky himself) were convinced that it was the lack of a well-trained army that had prevented Ukrainians from establishing their own state after the First World War. Realizing that the defeat of Germany was probable, they were determined that this time Ukrainians would not be caught in the ensuing chaos without a regular military force. It should be emphasized that both the Ukrainian organizers of the division and its members were motivated primarily by patriotic and anti-Soviet motives, not by pro-Nazi sympathies.
      > http://members.fortunecity.com/zuzak/katriuk/katriuk991130.html
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