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BEDNARCZYK-Polish STRUS-Cyrillic Rusyn/GaliciaAustria pre-1918 Hungarian>>Poland

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  • peekaboobrat
    I read the following messages thru the website regarding Galicia: The areas that most Ruthenians lived in were not that bountiful & had inefficient
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2009
      I read the following messages thru the website regarding Galicia:
      "The areas that most Ruthenians lived in were not that bountiful & had inefficient agricultural practices, poor soil, economic and political oppression, a high illiteracy rate (40%), wars & disease.....The American Immigration Commission...abt 500,000 Ruthenian immigrants had arrived in America by 1897, this figure, altho higher than other researchers’ figures takes into acc't all those who came from the Ruthenian areas, not just those who stated that their national heritage was Ruthenian. A breakdown of #s for the yr 1909 by the American historian Andrew Shipman states that figures for where Ruthenians had settled were PA 190,000; NY 50,500; NJ 40,000; OH 35,000;" Joy Kovalycsik (Rusyn.From.Ujak.Joy@...)
      "The later the Cyrillic records you have the better the chances that names
      may be written in both Cyrillic & Polish. This can be an extra bonus if
      one or the other version is tricky to read. Good luck, Bronwyn. lboris0217@... "
      "quite a mix of people living there & thus a mix of languages"
      philip@... He has a website too.

      And, 'what can I do with the records I copied from an Archive of Baptism Records at St John Greek Catholic Russian Byzantine Church in Forest City PA?' I can't read them. I'm willing to try translating, with a chart. Archives appear to have only Cyrillic [Rusyn?] writing prior to the early teens of the 20th century.
      [writings even could be Russian, for all I know].
      'What is BEDNARIK/BEDNARCZYK/BEDNARICK in Rusyn? Russian? Cyrillic?'

      I found Sanok Galicia Polish Aunts & Uncles Baptisms born USA, except for siblings of them named Andrew 1914, Catherine 1912, John 1908 & Joe STRUS Jan 2, 1907. Writing 'could be Cyrillic' at Russian St John's GREEK CATHOLIC with Cath MOSKAL/Michael BEDNARCHEK & Joseph STRUS/Anna n.KRAWEC BURKA Or in the Polish Sacred Heart ROMAN CATHOLIC Church Forest City PA. I'm still awaiting the RC Pastor's response for 10 records on the SURNAMES Strus or Bednarczyk family Aka Struss & Benarick Bednarick Bednarik.

      These are key bec they will show info on their parents-Georg 1882 & Mary Bednarczyk 1889 Strus [n.KRAWEC & BURKA 'any Help?'],dau of Mike/Cath B.

      Georg was Rusyn from Wroblik Krolewski Sanok District Galicia Austria-now Poland. Mary's family Bednarczyk [Burnatowski/Moskalewicz] were from Pielnia. Met in Forest City PA Susquehanna County USA-Marriage Oct 1906

      RC Archive Records may show Mary's parents Michal b. 1853, & Katzaryna n. Burnatowska b.1854 MOSKALEWICZ Bednarczyk-Married Jul 07 1880-Nadolany-St Nicholas [RC?] Church. Mike in Military [45th Regiment Austro-Hungarian] & Kathryn a widow. Nowotaniec is near Nadolany. 'How could they have met?'

      Mike BEDNARIK & family came to US 1881-1883 & then the 1900 Census had Mom Catha & children coming to US 1891 & 1893. Children I can't find-Josephine LENIO LIPKO 1881, Rosalia GORZKOWSKI Aug 1883, John 1886, Mary Strus 1889/1891, Stanley May 1892/1893, Anna DZURIN[Jurin] 1896, & Paul 1898.

      Confusing, but I found immigration,census,church records. Marriage names & various spellings-BEDNARIK-1900, Bednarchek-1910, Bednarick/Benarick-1920. Insights are appreciated. Katzaryna Burnatowska came from a Bednarczyk.

      Maybe the STRUS family went to the Polish RC Church & then moved to the Russian Church in 1914 because of Georg Strus' background. G Strus was a Ruthenian from a pt of Sanok County which became Galicia. Researchers told me at workshops that Geo was a Lemko, Rusyn. The back of a picture, of Geo's Mom, Anna [CYMYP] Strus, has Rusyn, saying, "This is your Mommy who raised you." LOL [One wrote me that it is pronounced 'RUE_TEEN.'"

      George & Mary STRUS also bought a home 510 Susquehanna St FC 1914. And about 4-5 blocks, near the 'Blueberry Mountain' on Susquehanna St, is the Russian GC Byzantine St John Church. But the Polish RC Sacred Heart Church is only 1 blk & down the hill on Hudson St Forest City PA.

      The Strus family would follow their Father, Georg Strus. But I need the records fom the Polish Church also. Guess I should call the Secretary.

      GreatGrandmother Catherine BENARICK died 1929, & Mike BEDNARIK died Junia 1904-acc. to St Agnes Cemetery Tomb. Marriage Cert of Catherine Benarick-Philip Valchinski Aka Wilczynski-1910, has 'June 15 1903' for CathB's previous husband, Mike Benarick Aka Michal Bednarczyk's Death. No name.

      Cath married Moskalewicz, Bednarczyk in Austro Hungarian Empire & finally "Philip Valchinski, Marriage Application 1910 FC; Aka Vilchuski; Wilinski 1920 gravesite; Wilinsky 1900 census listed as Russia Polish.

      BEDNARCZYKs were Pielnia/Nadolany Polish but I was told by oldest Aunt Kay STRUS CALAFUT/Kalafut, that my GGM "Kate" Kathyrn Katzaryna etc. spoke French & 8 other languages. 'Do you have any idea what languages were spoken in the area shared above?' 'Rusyn-German-Polish-Russian-Romanian-Belgium-Hungarian-Dialects_____?'

      It's like a puzzle & I encourage others to continue their searches even though there seems to be no link to Family for years. A BIG THANK you goes out to all the members, & their websites, who have directed me to various LDS Records, Books, Ellis Island, Websites, & mutual researchers.
      Happy New Year Researching- Joanie

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