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  • bjlenius
    Feb 1, 2006
      The Book of Banns (Liber Bannorum) can be a real "Brick wall breaker".

      When I lecture on Parish Records, I always talk about Banns and their
      importance particularly for one of Irene's reasons below.

      As Irene pointed out, Banns were read in BOTH parishes (bride-to-be and
      groom-to-be). How many times have you had found a birth for someone but
      no death and no marriage record? It happens all the time. In many
      cases this will be mean that the person was married in another parish
      other than the one you are researching at the time. The process then
      involves "guessing" at which parish to check for the marriage and
      probably searching the closest parishes and working a ever widening
      circle, etc. It is hit and miss. But if there are Banns, the problem
      is usually solved instantly because the Banns were not only READ in
      each parish but were RECORDED in the Parish Book of Banns in BOTH

      I have also personally found Banns indispensable when there was no
      Marriage records available for the time period I needed, but there was
      a Book of Banns and a Marriage Index Book for the right time period. So
      the combination of the two can be used to confirm the marriage.
      Normally the Marriage Index has a name and a date, not necessarily a
      spouse or parents, etc. So it is not enough by itself. The Bann, as has
      been pointed out, normally does not (but sometimes does) have the
      marriage date recorded. So it requires dome confirming fact that the
      marriage actually took place and the Marriage Index can provide that.


      --- "Irene Johnson" <ienj43@x...> wrote:
      <clip>... AND the banns had to be read in the home parishes of both the
      bride and the groom, if they were from different parishes. ...<clip>
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