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4913Re: [Galicia_Poland-Ukraine] Russian Name

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  • Lorne & Sylvia Carpenter
    Apr 2 12:50 PM
      I am not sure that this will be of any help. Listed in the village/town of Kotykivka, in the Horodenka rayon, phone directory is a Nazarechuk family. Initial D. which could be Dmytro. Postal Code: 78106. For some reason, I can not find it on the map. Help!



      Thank you for your help, I will pass this information onto Steve.


      > Hello Judy,
      > Libau is the German spelling of Libava. Libava is the Russian name
      > for Liepaja. Liepaja is a port on the Baltic Sea in the country of
      > Latvia. Prior to WWI that area was in the Russian Empire. Libava was,
      > at that timer, one of Russia's major seaports. Many persons emigrating
      > from the Russian Empire, even from place now in Ukraine (not the
      > Austrian
      > part) emigrated via Libava.

      > Lavrentiy
      > Judith Hrynenko wrote:
      >> Dear List,
      >> I received a phone call from Steve Nazarchuk, who is tracing his family
      >> history and was hoping that I could help. Unfortunately my knowledge is
      >> limited. We have such a fantastic group of educated people on our list
      >> and
      >> told him we would ask for your help. His mother is listed on the Ellis
      >> Island records as Pelageja Zollnaroff. (spelling should be Zolnaroff).
      >> Place of residence is Dichwenofka, Russia, but cannot find this
      >> city/town,
      >> wondering if the spelling is correct? And the place of port states
      >> Libau,
      >> again cannot be found? The family made their way to Canada and settled
      >> in
      >> Saskatchewan.
      >> He would love to know the meaning of her last name, she went by Paulie.
      >> If
      >> someone could direct him as to location of both town/city Dichwenofka and
      >> Libau, it would make his day. Steve's father is Ukrainian from Horodenka
      >> Steve appreciates any help we could give him..
      >> Judy

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