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  • Laurence Krupnak
    Apr 1, 2005
      Hello Judy,

      Libau is the German spelling of Libava. Libava is the Russian name
      for Liepaja. Liepaja is a port on the Baltic Sea in the country of
      Latvia. Prior to WWI that area was in the Russian Empire. Libava was,
      at that timer, one of Russia's major seaports. Many persons emigrating
      from the Russian Empire, even from place now in Ukraine (not the
      part) emigrated via Libava.



      Judith Hrynenko wrote:
      > Dear List,
      > I received a phone call from Steve Nazarchuk, who is tracing his family
      > history and was hoping that I could help. Unfortunately my knowledge is
      > limited. We have such a fantastic group of educated people on our list and
      > told him we would ask for your help. His mother is listed on the Ellis
      > Island records as Pelageja Zollnaroff. (spelling should be Zolnaroff).
      > Place of residence is Dichwenofka, Russia, but cannot find this city/town,
      > wondering if the spelling is correct? And the place of port states Libau,
      > again cannot be found? The family made their way to Canada and settled in
      > Saskatchewan.
      > He would love to know the meaning of her last name, she went by Paulie. If
      > someone could direct him as to location of both town/city Dichwenofka and
      > Libau, it would make his day. Steve's father is Ukrainian from Horodenka
      > Steve appreciates any help we could give him..
      > Judy
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