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48381Donbass freedom fighters capture American body-builder Helping Kyiv Junta

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  • Laurence Krupnak
    Aug 25, 2014
      Donbass freedom fighters capture American body-builder who is training neo-Nazi gangs in Eastern Ukraine:

      "Novoross. info 08/04/2014»- During a fighting between settlements Shakhtyorsk and Torez in the mining district of the People's Republic of Donetsk, where militias destroyed a few tanks and neo-Nazi Punishers armor equipment , the defenders of Novorossia captured a black african american mercenary who previously trained the Georgian warriors in times of Saakashvili.

      "When it started to fade echo fights and over the positions of the militia and getting dark, and only the red moon through the smoke of burning military equipment covered place recent carnage on the road from Torrez in Shakhtersk the lonely armored personnel carrier APC was appeared. At full speed it was trying to break through the ranks of the militia, but by best shot of the anti-tank rifle of times of World War 2, the car driver was killed. The APC losing control, rolled downhill, and stuck in a ditch, the locals used for watering gardens "- told in social networks eyewitness of a battle.

      According to him "out of the hatch of APCs is black figure emerged and, hugging the ground, began to be moving at the bottom of the ditch."

      Militias decided to take him alive and found ... absolutely naked negro, saying that he does not know russian language. Turns out, he was able to throw in a padded armor th uniform of Ukrainian Punisher and tried to "take advantage of natural camouflage."

      "When the Negro tried to speak Georgian, all doubts have disappeared - this rare instance today to get one who served as a military advisor during Saakashvili" - said the militiaman." the end of quote