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44769Re: [GaliciaPoland-Ukraine] This Group Needs To Be Fully Moderated

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  • krupniak
    Oct 25, 2013

      Here's my position:





            1. I believe that co-moderators will not work.


            2. Under the NEO Y-Groups platform,  the time needed to manage a Y-Group has risen significantly.


            3. I answer most questions which people have when they come to Yahoo Galicia group for help, or I at least respond to their inquiry....look at the group's archived messages since 2003 to see that is true.




              Given the fact that under NEO time required to manage a group requires more of my time and I am required to answer many questionss or at least reply to inquiries,  IMHO, the only hope that this group has is that the yahoos at Yahoo Inc. will at least offer the old version of Y-Groups as an optional format until the yahoos at Yahoo fix NEO.






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