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44760Re: [GaliciaPoland-Ukraine] RE: Re: How to read messages?

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  • krupniak
    Oct 24, 2013
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      Until a few days ago, it was possible with the Firefox browser to access some parts of the former Y-Groups platform.  The A-holes at Yahoo kaboshed that trick.


      Yahoo NEOed all Y-Groups in English-speaking nations (US, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, etc.).  Y-Groups in non-English=speaking nations (France, Germany, etc). still have the Classic Y-Groups platform.   So, the Classic version of Y-Groups is still maintained by Yahoo.


      Yahoo uses NEO because it offers to them the vehicle to display mnore ads, thus make more money.  Marissa has no human values other than greed.






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       Dear Robert,

      I think you have the only key to the magic portal...  Still it does seem promising that Neo is just a matrix overlaying the old version of Yahoo Groups.. If only we could all bypass Neo.


      Unfortunately your process does not work for me and when I click on the link to the old version, the URL automatically updates to Neo.  If I try to remove the neo/groups portion of the URL and replace it with the old/group/ the URL still automatically updates.

      ---In galiciapoland-ukraine@yahoogroups.com, <ppacbob@...> wrote:

      This is so weird...
      I get the digest. When I clicked the link on the right side "Visit Your Group" I go to the NEO front page. But I tried the Attachements dropdown, got bounced off to the login page and when I logged in came back to the old front page we all know and love at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GaliciaPoland-Ukraine/

      Tried the link in the email again (still signed in), and got the old page. Did notice that the header says at&t YAHOO! Groups whereas the 1st time it just said YAHOO! Groups.

      Did notice that Sept/Oct have the lowest count of messages since the group started. Is no one contributing any more?




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