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44759Example letter sent to Yahoo shareholders

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  • krupniak
    Oct 24 3:38 PM

      Example letter sent to Yahoo shareholders:


      The last 2 days have seen Yahoo stock slip down several dollars whilst AOL stock has gained over 5%. As marketing trends go, there is usually an increase coming into the holidays followed by a decrease until the season market earnings reports come in. Then the real life starts as to who actually made a profit and who didn't (and in some cases may not survive) Ms. Mayer is on the hook for themoney she is paid. She needs to show results and they need to be positive. And as long as she can convince the corporate world that this is working they will keep following along.

      You just have to remember that for now it is about traffic. And by traffic, they need to see what it is you are interested in. What it is that interests you and how much can you time be exploited until you have had enough. Having been involved in several internet site start-ups I have learned the tricks of how to convince people you are the place to visit. and the best parts is it only takes a very small number of actual users to make you site move to the top. But mark my words, when they figure out how traffic figures have been manipulated you better have the content to hold your position or you will quickly loose the ground you gained and the credibility you once had.

      We have just started to see the hammer begin to drop, the markets are starting to show that there is a problem with how Yahoo has tried to manipulate the numbers by forcing us to take more steps (clicks) to accomplish what we did in only a few clicks before. That members of Yahoo are dissatisfied and that we are informing companies that we are tired of it. Some of those company marketing directors come here and have seen what is being said, some have noticed references to alternatives and have seen interest in those sites increase. Posting here is an excellent place to start but you need to cross/multiple post elsewhere for it to be effective. When you go to other sites, tell them why your there and what you want. Trends have a wonderful way of getting their attention.

      Post about how as a family unit the last thing you want to see are ad's for dating sites. Some of you do not want to discuss intimate personal things and the last thing you want is to have your child peering over your shoulder at an ad on Yahoo about increasing you ****** activity with some erectile treatment. (There were 3 of those ad's today back to back on this forum for at least 10 hours before they got removed)

      Darren M.

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