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  • krupniak
    Oct 24, 2013



      Marissa will buckle like the former owner of the New York Islanders buckled when he changed the teams logo:





      Yahoo, learn from the Islanders .... don't mess around with your old-time customers.




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      Subject: [GaliciaPoland-Ukraine] How to read messages?


      Thanks Danuta, Ron and Catherine.


      Let's see if Yahoo will at least offer the old platform for Y-Groups as an option.  I have some hope.  Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo, who is given a salary etc. of about 40 million USD per year by Yahoo Inc., is being slammed in business and tech journals on what she has done to various Yahoo services, like Groups, Mail, Sports, etc. and how she is treating the old-time Yahoo community.  That community elevated Yahoo to the status that it now has.


      She and her Senior VP,  the one in charge of Groups, Jeff Bonforte,  is being blasted on Twitter to the point where they have basically disappeared on Twitter.  The heat is intense. 


      I feel that Marissa and Jeff will buckle.






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      Subject: Re: [GaliciaPoland-Ukraine] How to read messages?


      Czesc Catharine,

      I would be pleased to assist as one of the co-moderators.


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      It sounds as though it is all becoming a bit much for you.  Why not invite sevaral people from the group that you trust to become co-moderators?  That way it will be less burdensome on you and you can share the pain and frustrations of Neo.
      We would like a functioning genelaogy forum again please.
      If this is not going to work for you I am happy to set up a new forum, but would need several co-moderators as I am not in teh same time zone as everyone else.
      kind regards

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      It doesn’t have to be this way…
      Posted by shalfarley

      Since August 4th the Groups team has broken the daily habit of millions of Groups users, and thereby damaged Yahoo! Groups as a product, and diminished Yahoo! as a brand.

      Yes, strong words. But before you dismiss that as mere rhetoric, or the ravings of a disgruntled user, consider the timeline of dysfunction that is associated with the so-called “Neo” roll-out. There are plenty of resources to learn just how dysfunctional Neo has been, here I’ll just hit a few of the highlights.

      a.. Aug 4th to Aug 26th – Members of plain-text groups (those that exclude attachments) could not use the Groups Message Poster – it produced only text/HTML message bodies which were incompatible with that setting.
      b.. Aug 26th to Sep 9th – Members of plain-text groups suffer through incomprehensible postings from the Groups Message Poster – it continues to make HTML message bodies, but marks them as text/plain.
      c.. Aug 4th to Sep 13th – Moderators could not edit pending messages before approval.
      Oct 21st – we have had eleven weeks of the roll-out, and still Neo is missing significant functionality that is present in the classic interface:

      a.. Moderators cannot return pending posts to members with a rejection notice.
      b.. Moderators cannot edit a pending post and save the edits for further review.
      c.. Moderators cannot reply to pending members.
      d.. Messages pile up in the Spam area, and can neither be deleted or approved. Incomprehensibly, Spam is shown under Conversations, when it belongs in the Pending Approvals management section. The Spam filter can’t even be turned off to avoid the problem.
      e.. Groups cannot choose to exclude HTML message bodies.
      f.. Groups cannot use more than basic text formatting in their descriptions — no links, no images, even though the composition box carries the legend “Text or HTML”.
      g.. Many groups still have arbitrary stock photos as their cover images, even though it would be trivial for Yahoo to carry over their classic photos (just scale them to height instead of width).
      h.. The Group Activity Logs do not record certain moderator activity, such as approving messages.
      i.. The Group Activity Logs cannot be searched.
      j.. Files and Folders which contain an apostrophe or hyphen in the name cannot be accessed.
      k.. User Aliases are not respected on all pages.
      l.. The Database functionality is crippled.
      All of this could have been tolerable, if Neo had been rolled out as an opt-in test. Instead, starting about August 4th, Yahoo began choosing arbitrary users to put into the “test” — and customer care first said that they couldn’t talk about possible product changes, then later told users that it is a test but they can’t opt out or be taken out of the test. Then, after weeks of confusion and anxiety on users’ part, Yahoo finally made an announcement on August 29th using their brand-new Tumblr blog — but they didn’t reference that announcement in their “classic” blog, nor in the Moderator Central group. One thing changed with that announcement: Neo was no longer referred to as a test, it was now in roll-out. But still an involuntary one.

      When pressed for a reason that users couldn’t be allowed to Opt in or out until the problems in Neo are fixed, Yahoo had this to say:

      “it doesn’t work that way unfortunately. The old platform is just about to fall apart. It’s new Groups or no Groups at this point.“
      – Jeff Bonforte, Senior VP of Communications at Yahoo!, Twitter 2013-09-30

      As a statement of product life cycle planning I do somewhat agree with this — the “classic” interface is old and in need of a refresh. But as a statement in the here and now it is manifestly untrue. It was untrue on August 4th, and will remain untrue for the foreseeable future. The classic platform hasn’t collapsed, and likely won’t until the day Yahoo decides to shut it down.

      Telling your user community something that they know to be untrue based on their own daily experience isn’t a clever way to garner support for your new product development. Particularly not when it comes on the heels of months of dysfunction and poor communication with the new product. In point of fact there is no technical reason that the Tool menu (gear icon in the upper right corner of every page) couldn’t have a “Switch to Neo” when in classic, and “Switch to classic” when in Neo. Just like Yahoo Mail lets users switch between the Fully Featured and Basic interfaces. The only impediment to such an option is Yahoo’s stubborness on the question.

      I’m not saying this is something that Yahoo needs to support forever (nor even to the next major rollout). But it is a sensible remediation until such time as Neo can be brought up to feature-complete (compared to classic groups) and its significant flaws can be ironed out. Yes, there will be some that will always prefer the classic interface, but Yahoo really needs to get the Feedback down to a dull roar before it pulls the plug on the classic interface.

      Yahoo has a lot of fence-mending to do with the user community. I hope they choose to take this one step in the right direction.

      The above from:



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